Please Buff the Bow and Musket, their Terrible (Chart included)

I use musket and wanted to chime in.

I think moving should be allowed while you reload, but at a reduced speed. Say 50% lower. I could even go 75% slower. The point is it wouldn’t cancel your reload. I think this would make it more fun to play. I can understand dodge canceling the reload. But WASD movement should just be slowed down.

Also I wouldn’t want the fuse shortened on the sticky bomb. I wouldn’t use it as an attack skill, I would keep it in case a melee comes close and I would throw it at them and run away. In this case the sticky slow perk is what it’s all about. 3 seconds of 15% slow IMO isn’t good enough. If anything it should be buffed. 3 seconds of 25% slow? 4 seconds?

The shot abilities do kind of suck if you’re using them back to back. Reload, reload, reload and that sucks if someone is charging at you. But IMO it’s best to have 1 shot ability (I like powder burn), shooter’s stance, and sticky bomb. I think that’s the most optimal way to play it because opening with a shot ability like PB followed up with rapid fire from shooter’s stance means you aren’t reloading so much when you’re under pressure. Then sticky bomb gives you a parting gift if they actually reach you.

That was my 2 cents.

Didn’t say that but at the moment musket doesn’t hit at all when targets are next to you …

sure is nice to be able to run away from every fight, but yeah, I’d like to use it as a weapon… Forgive me?

I have bow and musket to 20 as well. They are trash in comparison to others. Headshot increased damage. Yea, Shoot something in the head in a dungeon with everyone and everything having knockback. Mobs head move everywhere anytime they are hit by melee. Open world shouldn’t account because it’s literally just you shooting a stationary target in the head. I’m a well above average FPS player. So it’s literally just not that fun. The dps penalty is stupid. No other weapons have it. Miss a melee hit? No prob you get another one in less time than a pure ranged weapon. No pure reason to use it except it’s kind of fun. I say that for bow not for musket. I leveled it up to 20 and stopped using it. If things didn’t move uncontrollably so much it would be infinitely better. They do though.

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I have a clip of me 1v4’ing melee dudes with bow rapier. It’s not weak, it’s the highest skill cap weapon in the game. Musket on the other hand rails people at long range. If you’re talking about only PVE then that’s a whole different discussion that, considering the statements you’ve made, is just not even worth the time.

I can link you a 1v4 I had with bow rapier. No I won’t forgive you, you just have to get good.

Do you honestly have no issue with people wearing full voidbent heavy, using great axe & hatchet? My bow 600 GS bow, with +crit damage, hits for ~1k crits max. Meanwhile they can zig-zag towards me, avoiding at least half of my arrows. I can’t even deal enough damage to outheal their healing & regen potions.

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Why don’t you just link it?

Bow and Musket feel like nothing more than ranged pulling devices for melee builds.

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I think the musket needs some love. The hs damage vs. Pvp targets in heavy gear is really low and barely hits for more than Gaxe light attacks.

However, bow can hit like a truck and crit for more than 10k in the right circumstances vs. Light targets. However, gear is bugged right now and people run around with 60% damage reduction. So its hard to tell how bow will do when they fix that. However bow is hard to hit with and is severely affected by the slightest lag or delay and will be very hard to be consistent with in pvp.

Biggest problem of both weapons is:

  • Aiming (incredibly difficult)
  • Reload (especially for the musket)

Due to both things being a non-issue for melee weapons, Bow & Musket should deal at least 30% more than those. At least. As soon as enemies are within a <3m range, both weapons become unusable due to various reasons, especially because projectiles don’t hit targets anymore.

No offense but your use of their in the topic warned me that you don’t know the English language well. So I couldn’t bring myself to read your essay.

I feel like most people havent touched the musket. It’s a trash weapon, I just use it because I like the theme of it. If I needed to win a war I would put my bow on instead, its does more than double the damage. Musket really is only decent pre 60 or going against light armor, but at the same time, bow is just better in every way. I would say spend your time mastering the bow over going musket. Even when the starts align musket cant do anything to heavy armor. If you seriously want to go musket, you need to hunt down the mages and ranged dps, do not waste your time going for heavy armor users, youre not going to kill them at 60, it is impossible. My body shots to full heavy players is like 500 damage. A headshot is like 800. At least bow can do a couple thousand to heavy armor. Imo they just need to give musket like built in armor pen and a slight damage buff since it has no heavy attack. And using bullet skills resets all your stacking passives for the guy who said when the stars align. There is no alignment of stars.

Im being direct here as opposed to rude, i just want to make that clear. In life if you want to be taken seriously you are going to have to proof read and know the differences between their and they’re. Your post is so well organized otherwise :grinning: , it honestly is. I, and others may, immediately question the integrity of what you have to say if you don’t have the basics of your primary language down.

That’s all man, I hope you can view this as tough love and not hate. Have a good weekend!

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What game are you playing? Musket does good what? Oh let me guess, you are probably the person sniping kids in the low leveling zones or maybe just shooting straight light armor.

In the time you spent replying you could have idk maybe posted this amazing clip of your 4v1-ing with bow and rapier,

I too can merc people who are 20 levels below me with bow/rapier. I can 2 shot a fuckin lvl 20 at 60. That’s obviously not what anyone complaining is looking for as far as evidence. We are talking about level playing fields. a GA+Hatch user in heavy that’s of medium skill level can destroy a bow user. The only way you win is by stringing them along for 30 minutes hoping they run out of pots. Idk man seems super balanced…

I have a 599 Musket with 250 Dex / 150 Int, and I can say after 3 days in Outpost rush, damage is absolute garbage.

I am hitting 10,000 HP med / heavy players for 1k damage 1.5 crit.

If I do shooters stance, land powder burn head, and hit all 4 other shots, I might scare a med / heavy at 50% Hp, but damage is NOt good. I just find the squishies and the low health players. Now Fire mages are wearing medium gear and can spam shots at me and have a larger hit box with their heavy, and I can’t even hurt them.

I am done with playing this game until they patch out exploits and crit reduction… I can’t even tell if musket is viable until I actually know how much damage I’m supposed to do.

And then their is Genesis in light armor….

My current gear score is 575 and I get 3 shot by basic mobs in that dungeon… so crafting is useless too.

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Please link it where you are 60 in full w gear of your choice and they are 60 in full PvP gear. I would love that. 580 bow 335 dex and my shots hit heavy armor users for 1k max. I hit a normal attack headshot and did 286 damage lol

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I really wish we could have a better crosshair. A dot would be so much better. Also the Bow having its aim offset from the current crosshair makes it even more difficult that it already is to aim.

I think they need to speed up the projectile as well. We have a ton of really small terrain we have to worry about also that makes aiming frustrating. Arrow hit a tiny branch of a tiny tree.