Please change Void Blade

I think Void Blade needs alittle buff and change. Just give up cooldown and make it as turn on/turn off skill - thats all. The most annoying thing is when u turn it off by accident, what in the middle of the fight might happend. Thank you and good bye.

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As a void user I don’t realy thing that.
I would like for them to fix the problems with it! Like:

  • Lite atacks rarely conecting
  • Remove the chase, its annoying lossing controle of the charecter!
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But there really no reason to keep this cooldown … this change dont really change combat, does not make it OP, overtuned, only what will change : it will not be annoying ever again …

Cd on skills is needed. Blade leap is very strong tool when you are slow down and stuff like that. It needs cd.

There is no cooldown after 5-6 hits again into 2-3 oponents blade hits reduce gauntlet cds really fast I dont even need refreshing move perk I played with that but now I swapped to full damage VG and dont feel bigger difference… dunno whats the point of this cooldown, except makin user mad when he by mistake clicks void blade button twice … It will make only fights more flex… imo cooldown for this special stance of left tree is enough.

has been brought up during its PTR implementation. I support such a change.

Why they changed it ? It does not have any sense due to click accident u can become defenseless … Moreover Void Gauntlet has 0 haste perks so this change wont make it too OP or something …

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