Please choose the option that benefits the long term, not the immediate

With more and more information and impact of duping being made available. With territories being won/lost due to weapon bugs, also previously with windowed mode and Ice gauntlet abuse. I feel the game is feeling less and less desirable for long term enjoyment and investment.

I believe a wipe is needed because even though the dupers may have been banned, their impact on the servers economy and progression is going to be forever impacted. Those who benefited (legit players) from having an excess of cheap high tier mats, meaning much easier access to BiS gear, trophies, even gold. They are now far ahead of those who will no longer reap the ‘upside’ to the duping. So whilst the removal of dupers is ofc a must…it’s impact has already created a divide.

So whilst many (myself included) have invested 100’s of hrs into the game feel that a wipe would be devastating, I believe without a wipe my next 100s of hrs has lost a lot of incentive. I am willing to sacrifice 400hrs of game time, to enjoy the next 2k hrs.

My ideal statement from AGS would be something similar to; “Due to irreversible impacts of bug/dupe exploits we will be wiping all servers on the 17Nov2021 with all server being brought back online for release on the 19Nov2021. Prior to 17th servers will be fully playable but aggressively patched to address bugs/exploits, players who accumulate ‘x’ amount of hours in game during this time will receive a weapon skin as a form of thanks”

This would mean bugs can be tested and aggressively removed prior to a fresh start. Yes people will quit due to wipe, but those who stay will know that that they can invest their game time long term, without the bitter taste of dupes/exploits making their previous hours farming seem worthless.


I just can’t get behind a wipe brother, i love New World but i would walk away along with my mates.

I prefer the standard solution used when this type of thing happens.

In New world style
Hammer exploits till dlc

  • GS 650 - solves duped gear
  • Merge current mats into a smaller amount then release new mat types - solves duped mats.
  • New End Game currency - Helps with the duped gold issue.

Something closer to these lines of thought.

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They plan to wipe territories every 3 months. Having everyone lose everything because the first released season wasn’t ideal is bs. Seriously screw leveling again and grinding crafting just because X faction isn’t in control. Like now that we have outpost rush and decent gold flow from it… who cares who gets the tiny bit of taxes for owning the land or the cheaper travel cost.

Vehementi, Who owns what territory is irrelevant, how ever losing a territory due to a weapon exploit/bug really does not leave a good feeling, and certainly isn’t rewarding game play/investment.

Jokers, you want to wait for a PAID DLC (because without a sub, we all know it aint gonna be free) to fix the impact of mass duping/exploiting? Makes me wonder if you’ve enjoyed the benefits of dupers on servers and don’t want to give up the advantage you’ve gained for likely 6m+ until dlc?

I know your angry so i will dismiss the accusation brother. If you check my profile you would know our company is constantly hunting bugs and helping to remove them. As well as providing any and all feedback possible.

I despise dupers it ruined Fallout 76 for my mates. But a full wipe will cause my mates to walk away we all took time off for release. We all powered to 60 because we knew with work we wouldn’t be able to.

If they wiped all our work, you can be sure we would walk away. We are long time mmo players we know how the first year of mmos go.

Our job is to help them replicate and report bugs,glitches and exploits. The first year is always alot more work than the rest.

Edit : They have also said today we have PTRs comming as well.

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A bit of taxes is an understatement to those who control everfall and windsward, my company accumulated 600k gold in 3 weeks controlling everfall.

In 3 weeks. That was with lowest taxes on everything too.

No one will play a game that wipes a server even once… it will give them the mindset that the game will reset again anytime because they did it once so why bother?



Pictures does not prove anything, no proof it made to trade post or crafting tables

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Yes i have seen this picture floating about, have faith in them to wack the ban hammer down. Don’t give into fear, should of seen the dupes in Fallout 76 servers first year it was very much the same.


On Lerna our main company (when we had WW) lost it during the healing circle exploit. We were doing 450k area per week. As on Lerna almost all trade happened there or Everfall.

I’m angry because I feel that the game time i’ve put in has been voided by duping, I moved from a very low pop server, to a higher one…to find that there has been high tier mats/armour pumped out. Maybe i’m salty that I didnt get chance to get my gear/trophies made whilst it was cheap.

Maybe remove all gear/trophies and associated mats etc that have been created due to these dupes? Players keep their level and crafting level, but would need to refarm the highest tier gear/mats. Put the entire player base back onto a level playing field?

Again. Another cheater got banned and asking for wipe in the forum to start over.

Not gonna happened.

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I can get behind the idea of that as long as we don’t lose levels, that wouldn’t be the worse way of handling it.

But been around the lot for such a long time. The way i explained the above is more the standard way of handling these types of issues in online gaming. Devaluing the current while bringing new values to the game. I am guessing this will end up the path they follow.

Any sort of wipe is just a no go. Anyone who worked there but of legit will end up walking away. But the hammer needs to hit hard and remowel of dupes needs to be done .

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I believe a wipe is not the answer at all, and there is about 250 posts going on right now debating this.

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people have posted the video that picture came from. Or are you saying they doctored that too? Maybe its time to admit this game has serious issues and all of your white knighting is a waste.

in the long term, few will trust Investing in a game that can wipe to zero if the developers mess up. Thats a non starter.

The video that always ends on the part that the items are just in the inventory and then end? Or did I miss the video that they actually manage to put it in trading post or use it to craft? Am I missing something here, and yes there’s a lot of issue there’s no denying that, I am just not gullible sorry, I saw earlier a video of reptalian visiting earth, and some pics, not sure if I will believe that too and post it here

If this was not happening why did AGS shut down the Market place and all trading? Take off the rose tinted glasses and face reality.