Please Consider Adding Storage Labels or Merge all Storage via Interface

I’m really really hate having to write things down like pen and paper like it’s the 90’s of gaming again haha.

Please add either a way to label the storages or possibly even just allow them all to be merged so that we can be even lazier when crafting :slight_smile:



I have to agree. since the storage sheds are usable in every city, it doesn’t make sense anymore. just a big Storage over all cities would be much better


I’ve been saying this since the first week of this game coming out. They have made improvements on the storage system but again I’ve always said that one huge storage system that you can sort through by category like crafting, arcana, weapons, gear, etc. Would be way more ideal then a bunch of storages everywhere. They should implement the same idea that Runescape does and make a grand exchange. It’s one big area dedicated to trading items and another place for people to hang out. All these storages in multiple towns just add confusion and make you forget where you had stuff and what not.

+1. Merge all the storage sheds together. Remove the city names, make it all generic and increases everyt ime you unlock more by visiting the next zone’s city.

This is a half measure and it’s a mess. Follow KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. QOL at it’s finest.

No thanks!

I have mine nicely sorted and know what items are in what storage.

IF they are going to do anything in the future they will first need an extensive overhaul to armour/weapon sets, sorting and loadouts. Until then they can leave storage alone thanks

No Thanks, But thanks for commenting.

Absolutely storage is mess right now

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