Please Devs add variety

Who else is sick of getting multiple legendary weapons and all the skins are the same, maybe a slightly different colour? (If that)

If it’s a named legendary why not have it owns unique skin?
The devs who designed this game did an amazing job designing the visuals of the game, why skimp out on weapon skin variety?
It even shows in the shop, the skins you can purchase are nothing flash at all, no creativity.

While we’re at it, may as well re-do all the high level mobs, instead of having them look like the the lvl 2 variant, why not put them in the actual armor they drop?
Eg tempest enemies wear the actual tempest guard sets.
The foundation are there just implement them. Ask Amazon for another million bucks if need be, chump change.


Hello hello! Are there specific themes you would like to see us expand on? I like your idea of having high-level mobs wearing the actual armor they drop.

Tell me about… 99% of the named Void Gauntlets use the exact same skin and icon… they just changed the underlying colour, which doesnt mean much as they they have the same brown fur and gold rings on top… I basically just buy skin cosmetics in this game, because the base stuff are so generic… but then you run into everyone else using the same skins… cannot win.

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The Conquistador theme the game has was always a good choice, and I think can keep being expanded on, but as the end game dives right into supernatural and dark themes the weapons should reflect those themes.

For example the Spear Isabella drops “sunrise kiss” it shouldn’t look like a clean fresh forged Orichalcum spear it should be uniquely corrupted and radiating red dawn light ( that could possibly light up dark places in the game )

Legendary weapons should look unique to the monster that drops them and their Place in the world. Visual effects would be nice to help make them more desirable that don’t add and stat benefit, Frost themed weapons leave a mist in their wake, lighting themed ones cause random lighting strikes, fire weapons leave visual heat waves and ash. Etc,

The armor idea would be nice to see, all of the mobs would look so much better wearing their drops especially the Ancients!

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Thanks for expanding on your idea! I have passed this feedback along to our team. :smiling_face:


The fur on my Dark Feast is green :smiling_face_with_tear:, worth every penny LUL

I have 3 storages completely full of weapons that I am holding on to just because of their skins in the event they add a transmog system. I feel like like there is pretty good variety of weapon skins dropped, but do agree the ice and void gauntlets skins as well as most armor skins are pretty meh.

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I’m also holding three sheds worth of gear hoping for transmog.


the issue is, most all BIS in the game has to be crafted. All crafted gear looks the same and we all wear it. There is no transmog in the game, so we all look like trash cans or have the same store skins. So much beautiful artwork in this game is wasted on sub 600 loot. All gear we can’t wear in end game.

Firefine Battlestaff STILL has the SAME look as the Twitch Drop “Vinespun Weapon Set” from 8 months ago!! It doesn’t look anything like the Firevine Battlestaff icon as depicted yet when you equip the Firevine Battlestaff, it’s the same look as the “Ravens Revenge” Firestaff from the Vinespun Weapon Set.

As much I would love New World to include a transmog system, the game cannot have a transmog system until these and many, many other gear/weapons icon to equip looks have been corrected first. Alot of players have included screenshots from past and present gear/weapons that when equipped do not look like the icon depicted when equipped.

If you request a Forest Green Jeep Wrangler but receive a Red Jeep Wrangler instead when the dealership presents it to you, why would you just accept the red color when you requested the Forest Green color when the dealership has the color you want? :man_shrugging: :thinking: Just common sense.

@o-o @Luxendra

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