Please devs! save new world :(

I really love this game and since it was released I am immersed in it… now please look at the reality of your game and look at the bad state it is in, please stop pretending that everything is going well. Accept once and for all that you are being overwhelmed by failures and don’t just listen to what you want to hear from the community.

Everyone say the same thing about the state of the game and they are right. you are taking too long to fix things that in the eyes of the public are not so complicated, for example, the combat and how it has gotten worse.

This game got me out of a bad situation and it would hurt me to see it die for not taking into account the community and the priorities when working on the game…

You have good intentions but you make many bad or questionable decisions. Please, I beg of you :frowning: save new world.

Pd: I am Latin American and I translated this from Spanish in google translator, sorry for the mistakes.


The first thing they should do is being honest with what the games engine can and can not deliver, so the community can scrap all the ideas, that can’t work and form an opinion of where the game should move based on the abilities of the engine.
There are so many well thought out ideas, what the game could do, to improve, but i fear many ideas are simply not possible because of restrictions of the engine AGS keeps secret.
That*s a big part of the failing communication.


That AGS has so many great ideas is the part that is frustrating. The engine seems solid to me, to @2laky’s point, and I do not see it as the issue. Although, perhaps they are saying the complexity of it makes bug fixes/enhancements difficult? That I would agree is a possibility.

For me, it’s that AGS can’t seem to see the issues they create when they combine their great ideas. That what they create as a whole simply isn’t working well. They should really simplify game life. A little QoL would go a long way, and there’s nothing in the game engine to stop that. It’s simple decisions to simplify the approach. Not to make it easier, but to make it less frustrating to get to the content that should be challenging. Right now, there is too much gating and the tedium of getting simple things done is not enjoyable for an MMO.


@ Argyx: One example for possible engine limitations it the lag in wars. It’s a sign, the engine might not be able to handle several PVP-POI’s on the map with each having 20-40 players in engagement.
Another way the engine might be limited is with dynamic changes to the game world, aka areas that change for specific events. You see sporadically mobs that get stuck of behave strangely when portals appear or disappear. Portals are limited to “empty” spots on the map.
There is also an open question about the zoning. Can the engine actually support small zones with different flag and pvp settings. is it able to register zone changes accurately. About this, think about the issues with unflagged players healing flagged players, or the issues with AOE-effects. AGS not fixing these things might not be AGS being unprofessional, but hardcoded limitations of the engine that make fixing this harder.


Understood. I did not say AGS was unprofessional though.

I really don’t know if the game engine is difficult to work with, but the fact that there is so much desync or that there is little variety in the mobs, things like that the mobs have almost all the same animations despite being different, the theme of wars or combat so little fluid at this time. In last year’s preview the wars were going well or at least they didn’t freeze and the invasions were the same, the combat was super rough but there was no delay or desync problem.

I think the problem was that the game code is a bit affected by changes in focus or by working in a pandemic, the engine seems incredible to me and I think it’s not the problem… but it is true that they take a long time to identify problems, It cannot be that the wars (the competitive content of the game and the most important for the balance and the economy of the factions) are so broken that almost no company takes them seriously:/ if the taking of territory took place through the OPR it would be Even better and so good would be sad.

It seems to me that what the game lacks is to restructure its code and I see that as difficult when the game is online.

this game is gonna end up as content for internet historians main channel videos , just like fallout 76 did , you remember that game ? its better now , a lot of things are fixed in it , but no one cares anymore .


AGS is professional and is being very dedicated and its communication is improving every time and adding the ptr was one of the best decisions for the future, but I feel that they are afraid to make decisions or express them… and that there is no roadmap or a simple schedule of updates is worrying, it feels like the game has no definite direction and that’s not good for the game because the community isn’t as engaged as it could be.

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that’s exactly why I’m making this post, it scares me that when the game is at its best no one cares and dies.

Exactly, you can be professional and lack vision. You can be professional, and not communicate effectively.

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if i was in charge , i would make every last dev i have work on fixing lag , performance and bugs.
and keep doing it until pvp works flawless , until you cant find a bug (major) anymore .
and until everything runs smoothly .
nothing else just doing that for 2 months .
then see what players i still have, invest whatever i can into marketing , and make polls and surveys to see what players actually want added to the game next .

this we are gonna fix a few things each month strategy dosnt work .
they dont have that kind of time , game is bleeding every day .

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I can’t be more professional than them or work better than them as they are the experts and I’m just a gamer… having said that I agree that the devs should come out and say: guys we have made the decision to stop new content so that our entire team restructured the game systems and all lag or desync and bugs were solved, but I don’t know what they plan to do to stop the drop in players

Just to be clear, you believe that if War had no lag or bugs it would be a fine implementation? I am just not seeing that. I don’t suffer much lag at all, and try to avoid weapon swaps unless I am done in a rotation. War is simply not a good approach to Faction v Faction. It’s a tiny flawed, objective control battleground.

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Hmm, interesting what you mention…

What I had thought of is a guild war system, that a company after meeting certain requirements can enter a war with another specifically and every time you see players from that enemy guild you have mandatory pvp with it at least for a few days of open war and that there is a progress bar that ends, when they bar it is full you can capture the fort being this the last bastion after several days of war and if it is captured you take over the territory and the defenders win if they avoid this or stop the progress of the bar war slash killing players and stuff.

what do you think?


This idea is good but old, something we asked for in BETA. Sadly AGS did not or could not pick up the idea.
As many people I’m at odds with the faction system, because it doesn’t make sense.

Its a great game imo, but with a few issues.

  • bugs, lag, desync, bots etc…
  • lack of content.
  • tedious/bad systems due to lack of content. I.e. RNG crafting, bottlenecking like expertise, mutations etc… all these systems imo are to slow down progression.

Rare and expensive materials to craft with would be a lot more fun than having layers of RNG. Allow players to craft exactly what they want, but make it 10x more expensive.

More content! Especially PvP…

No more bottlenecking! Have 7 earnable gypsum a day, but no limit on which type you earn. Want to craft to earn 7 or do 14 OPR matches. It should be a thing and would allow the player to pursue the fun and earn gypsum organically. Rather than completing a shopping list. When you get a slot to 600 start earning umbral :+1:


Thats purely about marketing though.

Both ESO and FF had absolute tragic launches and now they are 2 of the most popular and solid MMO’s on the market.

Bethesda lost a large swathe of people’s trust long before fallout 76 then have done almost nothing to promote it now that they have fixed it.

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I hear you loud and clear! The big item to tackle now is content! Players are bored since the dream of open world PvP never truly came into fruition. The community faithful remained creating the true player-base; but now they too are starting to slowly part from the game. More damage will arrive in the form of Lost Ark, but may be a blessing in disguise. Giving the development team the much needed time out of the spotlight and reduction in community pressure, they can get to work on a meaningful update with more focus. I dont see or want NW to fade away like “Last Oasis” for its core is fantastic and its a blast to play, when there are fun things to do.

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Well said, that’s totally how I feel about this.

What they should do is fix the game and when everything is working fine release a big content expansion and make announcements to attract attention.

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