Please devs! save new world :(

This game and its future depends on one change, and one change alone. Removing gating from PvE Content (IE Orbs). As long as its in place, or any other system that etiher 1)prevents access to primary forms of content (pve,pvp) by requiring extensive (>= 30 minutes) of grinding, the game will never have population 2) by invalidating guilds in anyway as this is the heart of the game, and the people its blood.

Any changes against these two principles will result in the rapid decline and death of a game. Proven by how so many left the guild that are pve focused players. We know it was only them because pvpers largely are in a healthy spot.

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The irony in asking the devs to save the game that they Titanic’d.

Okay so to this point from the standing of a long time game tester.

The sole issue that i can see is that the server authenticates the clients actions in a stack flow.

it means that the more users that are doing more actions the more stacks the server has to process and this is not optimal for this kind of game.

I would say its less of an engine issue and more a prioritization issue.

They need to swap the roles of the Client and the server or add a predictive module to the server so that it can interpret actions predictably to allow for smoother transition and only check if there is a conflict it would drastically reduce the server load and improve the flow.

I think you’re half right. They don’t have a roadmap but they are starting to give us tidbits of future updates. For example, we know the blunderbuss is coming. And we know next month has a bug focus.

I used to think there was no published roadmap because they were in “overwhelm” status and just got zonked by go-lived and were drowning. But to see this January patch go live with umbral and a GS bump… with explanations that this was in play for some time and already part of the plan… that disappoints me. It says they DO have a plan and devs working on stuff right now for future months… but no roadmap to share with us.

All I can think right now is we’ve all had enough of the bugs. The January update is already done and so it’s coming shortly. I don’t want February to be a “bug fix month.” I want AGS to spend whatever time they need to fix the top 500 or whatever bugs are there so that all systems are at least 99% operational. I don’t want any more content until then.

Take February, March, and April for god’s sake. I don’t want the blunderbuss if my void gauntlet continues to bug out and I can’t even walk straight on a road because of desync and my guild lags out like crazy in wars.

I love NW and really want to stay; I hope AGS corrects their course.


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totally agree with you.


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This game will never do well until they realise they need to ban and make an example of exploiters, cheats, and people who break ToS.

They need to put some power in the hands of the players who don’t control territory, there is way too much earning potential in owning a town that others do not get a fair chance. We play this game to chill and avoid real life issues not to relive them.

They need to make content more available and rewarding.

They need to punish exploiters/cheats/people who abuse the ToS appropriately (permanent bans) and make an example of those people so that others don’t see their lack of action and take advantage of it.

They need to play their own game so that they can understand what is wrong with it, they make decisions that are based on player input but without understanding why players want something a certain way they modify things that does not fully encapsulate the idea of what players want.

They need people who actually put thought into if they implement something what players can do to exploit or manipulate it to gain an unfair advantage OR to take someone else’s work and claim it. An example of the latter is when 1 company punishes 90% of a territory over 4 hours running boring quests (that should not exist in the first place) then another company that does 10% declares and wins doing very little work or effort it makes people not want to do that boring content for NO reward.

They need to fix the combat system there is a lot wrong with it still, things such as weapon swap not working properly, weapon balance for pve, small scale pvp, large scale pvp, inability to even fight some people due to mobility differences.

Bosses/mobs pushing and moving players around freely (hit box collision not knockback) into corners, off edges, into melee dps causing them to get cleaved.

Desync, if your latency is high enough you rubber band constantly when trying to move, as an example you will rubber band off stairs in OPR when chasing someone up them makes for a quite trashy experience.

Actually communicate with players more especially on the forums, yeah the forums can be toxic but in all honesty a lot of that toxicity is due to the lack of communication shown from the devs side. It would be nice to hear WHY some suggestions are not considered and why others are.


it’s clear they are receiving so much negative feedback that they have decided to just ignore the forums entirely until they get a patch or two out. Only ones left playing this game seriously or defending it are shills or just copium abusers.

for a pve-game this is a reasonable action, but for a pvp-game this is intensely problematic, especially in open world pvp.
Loosing a match, because of issues with the prediction module would kill all appeal PVP has left.

^ This. A thousand time this.

Well considering many other games actually register that way including many shooters, it would be less problematic than we have currently.

Example 1: how it would actually work in PvP. Client 1 issues a movement packet in X direction, Client 2 issues attack in X direction. Client 2 registers attack, Client 1 has not declared position. Server decides predictively that a hit was registered and waits for Client 1 to respond. Client 1 confirms no change in direction of movement, Attack hits and applies damage.

Example 2: Client 1 issues a movement packet in X direction, Client 2 issues attack in X direction. Client 2 registers attack, Client 1 has not declared position. Server decides predictively that a hit was registered and waits for Client 1 to respond. Client 1 registers change in direction with telemetry. Server uses telemetry from client 2 to compare to client 1 and resolves no hit.

The way it currently works, is Client 1 issues attack and registers hit based on server data provided, Client 2 operating off prior telemetry data, registers a miss, conflict registers a stack process where telemetry is requested from both clients, then resolves after.

The issue with most of this is that the server actually waits for clients to respond before resolving, meaning everyones synchronization is localized to the highest ping player and the stack will not resolve til it receives all data, that is where the server freeze happens.

Adding a measure of prediction based on last action means it only requires base confirmation, and if confirmation happens it resolves immediately rather than trying to recollect the data to process.

The new system would create a stack only at directed clients, so it would resolve every client based on its ping, rather than collecting all the telemetry data from every client then resolving the stack. Its the main reason why you see more issues with more players involved.

Saything nothing more often is still saying nothing. They have made more effort to patronize the community by pretending to be more communicative. But they arn’t.

Nothing is being communicated to the players. Nothing. We dont know anything, we arn’t told anything. What little we do get told doesn’t make any sense. What the devs are currently are working on doesn’t make any sense.

All the new CM’s and such have said is “Just wait, we’ll have a february patch that focuses on bugs, bots, and balance”

Yet, their own leads say balance is super close and only minor tweaks are needed.

AGS isn’t communicating with their own teams, there isn’t anyway they’d be then communicating with the players.

just to prove a point. I made this post in Nov. Not a fan of these balance changes - #77 by metsuro

The amount of information from nov until now is the same.

@TaylorNox @crimsonwtf Taylor you’re a mind reader. I think the same way - FF had a horrible launch, it’s literally the #1 MMO right now, ESO had a horrible launch and is going strong. I think people expect way too much way too quickly. Let the developer lay the road map, properly test and develop the game further. I’m looking forward to all the patches, expansions etc that are going to come for this game.

I think part of the issue is that people are comparing this with games that have been out for YEARS and YEARS - the game has been out for 4 months… 4 months. If anyone actually played like a normal person, and not a degenerate like a lot of us are, they wouldn’t even be at 540+ gear score. There is a lot to do in the game. The degenerates however, are the loudest, and complaining about content / issues etc, that only effect the 1% competitive players (Really…)

TLDR - Just thinking (typing) out loud. I’m really excited for the games future development and expansions to come - I hope AGS hears this and understands that a large portion of the player base will return with expansions, and try it again - let’s make sure it’s ready for them when that expansion comes.

WTLDR - Im having fun :slight_smile:

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1% please stop making stuff up , what you are saying is fantasy .
Every single OPR game on my servers people are Max geared …that is around 200 people .

Company i am in rooster there is no one below 585 gear score .
That goes for every Major company and even more so for the ones doing wars .
There is a lot of Guilds like that but lets say that is about 500 players .
Take about another 100 people who dont have company , or are in small ones that are geared.

That is almost the whole server the rest is people who are leveling and bots .
and maybe 5% of people are in that 510-580 category of casual you talk about .

game is made at its core , and all around to be a game for hardcore players .
intended or not once you reach lvl60 there is nothing casual friendly at all.
so most casual gamers are gone . Most normal rpg or rp players are gone .

the population that is left has nothing to do with your story .
this is an mmo that has been in production for years . just coz it is out for a few months .
dosnt mean it didnt have the time to make the game polished .

I compared the game to fallout 76 at launch .
i compared the game to skyrim 1.0 .

What do you expect people to say ? When i go into a match of OPR , i get lag spikes , weapon swapping bugs , random respawn bugs, unable to respawn bugs , low performance coz the devs wont let us disable things . server desync , people abusing stuff like movement speed ,
character random spazzing out. pressing certain controls and the game doing random stuff instead of the ability i pressed . unbalanced pvp , healers , brutes doing strange things ,
invisible meat balls , shots hit target but no damage , shots going trough players . shot sounds firing twice but actually not firing at alll , game rubberbanding , teleporting trough rocks , mobs spazzing out , mobs going in circles 1m from their spawn then randomly reseting , random lag detected , random no rewards for 500 + points , nodes failing to start mining if you are standing on the edge of any terrain , Points system and scoring system complete unbalance , with people struggling to get rewards even thou they fight the entire match , spawn camping , after fix even more spawn camping …

Listen man that is just one day of opr and i could go forever about just opr problems , not to even start on the entire game .
1.0 should mean the product is finished and ready for consumption does that sounds ready to you ? is it that hard to imagine why people are complaining ?

Sure the game is fun , sure opr is fun , but due to the mountain of problems at every single corner ( and i didnt list all opr problems there are more but you wont read them anyway)
you get so stressed playing that it overtakes the fun out of it .

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What do you say man, the expertise system is super friendly with casuals and if you add to it that you can buy expedition orbs in the faction store…

but that’s not all, they will make it very easy to craft them xd I am a casual player and I find many things to do, in addition to farming and missions, raising my skills is super easy now and if you add to that that I can dungeon all the time if I want I won’t tell you anymore bro.

I don’t think the majority of people who played sick during these months and have everything done in the game, casuals are always more in all mmo and if it weren’t like that it becomes a small game and only a small part of the community…the tryhards.

Looks like you didn’t log on yet. They added something: dozens of new gamebreaking bugs!
Have fun playing :joy:

Let’s see if I understand it, you entered a new world forum and the feedback section and you start to make fun of the game and throw your errors in my face as if I didn’t know… have you looked at the title of this post?

From what you say, you don’t care about the game or you don’t want to continue playing I have no idea, but that answer hasn’t helped anything and you’re just making fun of it… please, man, we’re not 5 years old.

Pd: I apologize for expressing myself badly, I’m using google to write xd

Dont worry, your expression is fine.

To your question: i used to defend devs and used to find excuses for everything they broke. They promised to improve. They pull the same shit since release. IF there is a direction AGS leads this game into, it’s downwards. I - and many others - gave enough feedback. It’s fighting windmills. Don’t expect anything from this feedback section anymore :wink:

Tbh, it’s probably not even devs fault. It’s usually a shit management behind this. I can’t imagine they hire absolute amateurs as devs…

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Thank you for responding properly xD for a moment I thought your response would be an attack.

I agree with you on that, the developers have made very strange decisions when it comes to adding content or fixing bugs, like raising the gs limit or continuing to add content when the game is broken…

I think amazon should stop the new content and just fix everything, there is no point in adding new stuff to an unplayable game.

Yes. The new content was fun… Is fun… But the bugs are still there. War performance is still really bad for many, and that’s a key differentiator.

As much as I want new content, I don’t want to hear about anything new being added until I see hundreds of fixes delivered.

For gods sake, the focus damage gems for healers still aren’t working over 20%. And balancing decisions are being made on data in that state.


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