Please... Devs we need urgent help here - Lamian

I’m not an expert, so I ask: how difficult can it be to import token transfers to a single server?
They really let one whole server die … and it’s far from the only one.

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Another war that we weren’t able to defend due to low population.

Thanks Amazon. If you want your players to quit the game, you’re in the right way.



No comments needed:

Still waiting.


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How long we must wait? Seriusly they are talking about put a suposed fix on 25th instead of fix and merge this week? The only answer they give to us is fix for t’he 25th and no eta time of merges? So you Will merge when no one play servers? Phatetic

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Hi @Kay,

I appreciate your answer but we have been calling for this since December 21st(What happens with Lamian server? No merge for it?), as you can understand the answer of “we will do it soon” doesn’t provide us with the necessary information.

It is important to note the mistake that was made in not disabling transfer tokens on servers that were not merged, making these servers even more depopulated.

You have asked for patience but that isn’t going to give us all the progress we have lost without having a functioning market (without players nothing can be bought or sold), without being able to make OPRs, without being able to defend invasions (and therefore not having crafting and refining stations upgraded), without being able to defend territories,…

As developer, I can understand there are many stones in the way; however, as customer, I can’t understad the almost one month of delay in your answer. Maybe, this is not your bussiness but the forum moderation has been terrible. And of course, we wont get any type of compensation for all the issues when the root problem was the big queues in our original chosen servers.

In short, we have no date for the January release and no date for the new merges.


Server status at 16:53 PM Spanish hour:

Less than 100 :slight_smile: Bravo

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Only 3 people enlisted in a war.
3h and 30min to go.
The guild that have the territory left the server.

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server merges and tokens need be abundant in current state of game right now. Honestly this should be on the priority list. The chain reaction of more people quitting on a server after a server starts to fade in population is astonishing.

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I really want to have sympathy but if you haven’t learned by now how AGS does things and that NW is a flaming train wreck, then maybe this will help enlighten you.

Meanwhile you wait try to
farm as much oricalcum as you can. Fill all the possible deposits with it. It is listed at 2g in other servers and if you get merged you will get rich in one day. If I would have known it when I was in Petermannland…I would have earned an insane amount of gold.
Get Oil, Ori, platinum, Starmetal. In massive quantities.


So sad. Just sad.

another dumb patch, another week and they are not capable of fix merges and do it. They promise after holidays all merges will be fixed and finally we will be merged if we are luckyly enought in near ferbruary or february. If we dont left the game before

An other day.
Still waiting for something.
Ill play rust, sorry.

Con experiencia en Customer Service, te dire que nunca te van a dar una respuesta exacta solo cosas genericas, se hace siempre lo mismo nunca se deber asegurar nada al Cliente ( Jugador ) y muchos menos si ese servicio no es directo y es de un vendor, probablemente ni tenga comunicacion con lo Devs. Lo que queda es esperar a un token o directamente dejar el juego ya que ese servidor tiene problemas tecnico si lo llegan a fusionar.

Saturday at 1:48h of the night.
72 players online.

Please give the Lamian players a Transfer Token and send ALL the BOTS to Lamian…


10 days since dev tell about merges, and nothing… pathetic… and less and less people playing game every day,

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