Please... Devs we need urgent help here - Lamian

Good guide how to crash a new game


I play on Hades and I’m not affected by this but the guys on Lamian really need help.
@Community-Team is there an ETA for at least an actual response? Is their server considered to be merged in the near future?

You are bleeding players on daily basis and those that are still around and want to enjoy the game can’t currently do it. Wake up!


I feel you my server is Dianas Grove, is not as bad as yours is, but as you can see in the print its really bad aswell in prime hours cant reach 400 players, during the day you have 0 action going, 0 runs, 0 opr’s, 0 pvp, the market is non existant. Please devs do something about this, it’s not fair that these servers get neglected, stop doing new patches and solve this first, because these low pop servers are not playing the same game.

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Less populated server in the cluster and 0 actions.

Congratulations :partying_face:


Hi there, I understand and agree that the situation for Lamian, as well as some of our other worlds that didn’t merge back in December, sucks. There is a housing persistence issue that delayed Lamian’s merge into either of the other worlds within the Vanaheim Lambda world set. The fix for this issue is targeted for the January release, after which we will finish the merges that we had intended to complete in December ([Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay), Lamian included.

The persistence issue impacted the second round of character transfers as well. As mentioned, the target for this (EDIT: ‘this’ being the persistence issue) fix to go live is with the January content release, and barring catastrophe we will move forward with merges soon after.


Hello @Kay,

Thank you for your responce (Finally someone from @Developer team reply). Basically we have not population anymore and the people who have left will not come back. You guys are aware of this issue from one month ago (date of [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay) and we still need to wait at least another 2 or 3 weeks more to have a solution?..

Sorry but looks like this is not a priority for your team, you can have a downtime for fix this error just for the servers like Lamian and fix the issue, not wait 2 month and let a server and their people died and left the game.

This game is not intended to be play just with another 120 players, is not fun. This should be resolve as soon as possible, in 3 weeks you will have a empty server and people playing other games so please take this in consideration and try resolve this situation asap.

another 3 weeks with this player media is not sustainable… This is Lamian right now Friday evening in EU:

Number talks by themself. Please make this a priority and fix it asap or you will have not players in a few weeks…

PD: I prefert to lose all my houses than keep playing alone and I know everyone have the same feeling about this.



You had 19 players online this morning, what are you complaining about? :smiley:


when will the other servers that are not included in the list get merged? Like celadon


Didn’t these guys say they will communicate with the community better like a few weeks ago? What a joke of a company. This is just sad. Incompetent developers. At least we are getting mutations (which is the same layout for previous dungeons but just harder. And finally some good loot that we deserve! But you can only do it twice a week :stuck_out_tongue: because it wouldn’t be new world without time-gating contents. Contents they hardly have!) and 625 gs tho :0. clowns. Adding new content while other players from low pop servers can’t do base content because of the lack of players. It feels like the reason why issues from months ago. Like server transfer tokens aren’t released/fixed is because they are putting more effort into releasing new contents for the already established servers. Because it’s the better business decision! Just think about it. They would rather please servers with 1000+ pop rather than fix the problems that a low pop has.

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Hello all,

Todays maximun players in Lamian:

EU Server in Friday.

Thanks @Developer

Appreciate the updates but he did give you a direct and clear answer. Hold out until January and you will be merged.

Come to Lamian and talk then.

All I’m saying is you wanted a direct and clear response.

You got it and I personally would be happy.

He even told you a technical reason why they havn’t yet.

Reasons from 1 month ago… But you are right, please take this topic as a reminder only, about all the people traped in a empty server, just that.

I will keep updating the topic to see how long it takes to help the community from servers like Lamian.

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so 10 more days till the merges fix, and how many more for the merge¿ that mean we need 15-30 days more playing in and empty shard???

Do the merge same day u fix it cause we are really really tilted of waiting, we want to play the game and right now we cant

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Tienen más gente que el server ekur el cual juego, que fue mergeado con 2 server vacíos, y aún así tenemos mesas tier 5 y ganamos invasiónes de corrupción, Animo


Primeramente ningún sevidor debería tener esa media de players, ni el tuyo ni el nuestro, pero aun asi:

199 players de pico en vuestras ultimas 24 horas

177 en Lamian.

Aquí puedes comprobar los datos:

Aun así repito que no solo por el server, es que estas cosas no se deberían permitir, puede que tu servidor haya mayor numero de lvls 60, nosotros tenemos a la mayoría novatos porque por defecto aparecemos como el servidor fijado para nuevos players, sin contar los Bots que serán también un % de lo que ves ahí reflejado.

Seguimos esperando una solución para ver si volver a jugar, pero ahora mismo es imposible…100 payer un sábado por la tarde en EU.

Gracias por el comentario

It’s saturday evening and there aren’t enough players to defend during the war, sometimes there are no players to defend during the invasions, tables get downgraded to lower and lower levels and it doesn’t make sense to keep playing because there’s no content at all.

All you can do is farming, but then there’s nothing you can do with the materials since you can’t craft most of the stuff due to the tables not being level 5.

Come on Amazon, just give a transfer token to every single player on Lamian and let us enjoy the game for once.

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I’m not even on this server and I’m going to +1 this. Like seriously? Half those servers need to merge. I’m over here on a 1000 prime time server… Some oprs still not happening though lmao.

Still +1


@Developer looks hows going on on our server, enought people to defend a pve event? wow

this server is dead.

Lamian Status at 23:45 (spanish hour).