Please... Devs we need urgent help here - Lamian

hope ur boss is buying all ur staff coffee. cause damn theres alot of work to do


Farm all elemental motes too. Once you merge servers there will be bots running routes 24/7 and farming your own motes will be a thing of the past.

Orichcalcum too you will see 3 nodes maybe a week. so fill storages now and then sell all the ore for 3g each or ingots for almost 30g an ingot.

easy 200-300k right there if you do this right


They do not have Tier5 station according to OP :slight_smile: So no Ingots for them.

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plus obsidian flux is 3g, hard to do orichalcum ingots, its just unplayable

I’m pretty sure that the ppl in that situation dont give a damn about a house being lost


Fácil,si pierdo mi casa dadme 20 ks para que me compre otra.

I have a semi related question in terms of server merging.

I play on NA East, and our server is starting to die out. There is only 1 other server in our world set, so its obvious who our next merge candidate will be. Unfortunately that server is more or less dead too, so merging these 2 low pop servers wont really result in much difference for the people who are still playing here. Is there a contingency plan in place for server merging worlds that are in different world sets? or once these last 2 worlds are merged, is that the end of the road for increasing the pop on this world set?

Is not the firts time you lie to us, so lets see… 3 months later.

Sorry but we cannot be polite anymore, you guys lost us long time ago.


@VanSyn yo es que a los @Developer de este juego solo podría cantarles esto: Joaquin Sabina - Llueve Sobre Mojado - YouTube

At this point the 99% of players with tokens just left to other servers with more population… at this momment not even a fuse is a solution, we need Tokens to migrate with our friends to the servers they run away.

Please let Lamian died once for all and let us scape from this prison you call sever.

3 months later Lamian population are still waiting… the few remains…

Is that issue more harmful than keeping a dead server? did you even consider that?

The sad thing is that issue is fixed already:

Just please give us tokens… is not even necessary the fussion now, we will have 0 impact in a new server because we have not players.

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They’ve fixed that problem and server merges resume tomorrow.

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Where’s the plan for if it is successful?

We know nothing besides this merge that is occurring. We understand it is a stress test to find out if bugs are not persisting. But we also see people continue to use old transfer tokens every day without issues.

Where is the communication of a plan for the general public? The game has people quitting dead servers every day, never to return, because they have no fucking idea when they’re going to be allowed to a populated server, which is what the game needs to be played and to survive.


We can see population on all servers again. This game is dead. GJ Devs, you dit this

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@Kay and other Devs:

Use to be when the server was already dead:

And now 2 months later:

This is on you and your lack of caring.

bye bye new world today i have a new MMO to play…


Why the fuuuuu are you sooooo slooooow merging serveeeeeersssss zZzZzZzZz boooooooored day 87