Please... Devs we need urgent help here - Lamian

AGS sabotaging themselves by taking 4 months to actually proper merge and fill worlds. The 1st attempt was a joke btw.

If you need any more proof of gross neglect and incompetence… they can’t get the basics right let alone fulfill more demanding expectations from their player’s base. What. A . Shame.

Are we waiting for the 15.2.1 patch? In this way, you will have servers with 3 players. AGS killing NW. GG

Not gonna lie to you guys you can’t expect people to just wait it out and see. There are plenty of other games to play just merge now or issue more transfer tokens

Yeah same here on us east YS our market dried up this week and people have left in droves no more opr except at midnight right after the only chest run left at 1130 which might get wiped tonight and quit all together. Merges? Like you did em before but now u can’t might as well just tell us all to quit and go play outside.

Do then merge, what are you waiting? People demanda It since months… Stop make us Waits more

This whole thread is ridiculous. This server has been in dire need of help for over a month now. What is going on? The server i play on is dying again, and it was one of the ones merged back in december. Meanwhile these poor people on Lamian have been waiting… and waiting… they arent able to do anything but farm if its anything like our server was. They are going to be soooo far behind on gear by the time they get merged they will still have a hard time playing because theyll have to spend the next month gearing up before they can even do anything…

Why has this issue been left on the table so long? They clearly wanna play the game… so let them. Either merge them, manually move them to a server of their choice, or give every last person left on that server a free transfer token. Its that simple. People dont want to play on dead servers and eventually theyll just quit. Do something.

Ahh reading through all this reminds me how little Amazon cares


They are not going to do more merges this week… so another weekend lost…

3 months now, at least the community is now aware about this sad situation.

Our money and time is less important than others… image pay for a massive MMO with 100 palyers… a pirate server should have more :D.

This is in this momment just sad, they killed us.

Thanks all for the replies and keep this topic alive

  • Lamian and Acamar will be merging into Kor.

So Lamian is finally getting the long requested merge it’s needed but let’s look at this.

Kor peaked at 456 players in the last day and if you add it all together it’s not even 700 players. This is no where near a healthy amount of players to have a thriving server. If anything more merges will be needed almost immediately due to New World’s self downward spiral system it has.

They have to keep some space open on these servers. Even if its temporary, we all figure people are going to return for Feb patch. Eventually we will get expansions and what not. I think daily levels of 700 right now isn’t bad.

Less than half is being way too generous for space. They shouldn’t of had 2000 server population caps in the first place, way too small to sustain the kind of systems they have and that’s one of the core problems.

Anything close to 500 is when your server starts reaching a “critical point” at least from what I’ve experienced and heard. Outpost Rush queue pops maybe once a night. Towns begin struggling to maintain the benches from less players paying taxes. People struggle to find groups to run endgame PvE. It all just compounds itself as more players quit because they can no longer do the things they want.

700 might seem fine but that’s assuming everyone stays which is never the case. Company’s get salty that they lost control of Windsward/Everfall since they’ve been merged and can’t reclaim it because defense is favored so heavily and then they quit and regular players just lose interest as any real content hasn’t even been announced for the future.

Was there an increase for the January patch? At this point i am not sure if people are going to return. Even many streamers are “I will revisit in the future” . I wish they would return to the days of 2000 on a sever and the market moving rapidly. Right now Companies (presumed as only ones who have billions in coin) are manipulating the market to suit their needs and the wars for territories is based on who can use the latest weapon exploits to win the war. the last wave quit cause the war was nothing but the Ice gauntlet locking down the attackers exploit. and this past week, they all came out with Hatchets. Games are always going to have bugs but AWS has put too much control in companies that own territories and they have their own discords just to chat and discuss what they want to do with the server and who has what. Sounds more like a script writing session for the WWE. Nice idea in thought but doesnt seem to be working.

I don’t necessarily disagree with what you are saying, but this is the lowest population we have seen so far. I think we will see healthy bumps from upcoming patches. Everyone is experiencing critical mass numbers and unfortunately we have to be patient. My server used to be constantly in the 1500s and now it’s reaching that 500 pop dead zone. I think we got a merge to put us around 700-800. Another thing we are forgetting is that users may return who were on the 100-200 pop servers. Could easily see a few hundred people return just because they are on a semi active server again. I’m probably being too optimistic, but I think amazon is taking the correct approach. Even if that means it’s not exactly what we want.

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Very optimistic of you and while I hope you’re right, I don’t see it really happening myself.

There is never a guarantee that people will return, but I do think the OPR updates will bring some people back. It’s definitely not optimal and I’m not even logging in anymore because of the low pop. Like I mentioned in my previous post, this approach is probably the best way to handle things right now, even if it’s not what the players think is best.

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