Please... Devs we need urgent help here - Lamian

@VanSyn We are truly sorry to hear that this has been going on in Lamian. We understand that it has taken a while to come across this post, but I am here to get this information immediately to our team. I have compiled a report with the provided feedback and we all just want to thank you and the other community members for the time and effort in getting this to us in the detailed manner you have.

We do not have any final answers as of this moment in time and we want to make sure that we do not misinform anyone of the situation. As soon as I am updated on this issue, I will be sure to share it here on the thread. We are trying our best to be as transparent as we possibly can with the players and community in New World.


Hello @BRGF

Firts of all thank you for your reply but it is basically what your team (Customer service just can raise a ticket to the developer team if im not wrong) is telling us since one month ago:

Meanwhile this is the current situation:

Current time photo, you can check in server status.

We still have not an anwers or solution, so thank you for your effort but we would like to read a member of @Developer team if fix this is in their scope or not…



@Kaladin24 @iMex @Bullzera @Wesuru @playsuji @lukes1992 @zappie @kerlas @Ckaptenen @AzaleaStar @Tequila @Morrisete @Wesuru The team has been made aware, and I have also requested some updates concerning this issue. I know it is never easy to just hear a generic “We will update you when possible”. However, we currently do not have detailed updates. We do not want to misinform anyone. Transparency and constructive engagement are what we aim at achieving in every thread.

Once I receive some information concerning this issue that can be shared, I will make it my mission to make sure everyone is updated here. I will continue to bring this forward to the team in order to get as much information as soon as possible.


@VanSyn I am aware of the many posts that have been provided to you. I know they seem to be a copy and paste with regards to the answers being provided. Let it be understood that we are the channel between players and the team, and we can only provide updates once we receive them. If nothing is provided back to us, it is difficult for us to provide updates as we are trying to be as transparent as possible.

We are not here to shrug off your comments and we want to make sure you understand that we do go through the posts and all the information is heard. With this being said, I mentioned in my other message sent previously, I will make it my mission to get further updates. I have provided a report and requested further information and will continue to bring up this specific issue until I receive some information that can be shared amongst this thread.


I would ask if this is a joke, but clearly it isn’t.

“First of all, I must apologize - I do not speak Spanish!”


How does NW forums have other language options if they don’t even have dedicated people to addend to them? are our brothers and sisters from non-English speaking countries not being heard? why even bother replying to a post if you cant help? why not leave it for someone else in the team that does understand the language?




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30 days without being able to play, without having the same rights as the other players. reading the same answers over and over again by moderators.

we’re tired

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Dear @BRGF,

Again thaanks for your support but there is a reason about what this post in in General and not in Game Support… your internal communication or is not working or nobody care about us. I know is hard to hear but since one month ago we only receive answers from your team telling us that you are creating tickets about this issue and informing the team, let me please put you even more examples:

We understand the uniqueness of the case and we send the reports to our developers to create more visibility. They are pending and observing all the movements of the servers and as soon as they have a solution you will be informed.

This is clear in english

Finally there is no way to escalate at this moment to my superior, neither in live contacts with our customer service nor here, if you have any constructive criticism you can go to Game Feedback - New World Forums and leave your comment about a certain topic . Or in live customer service, associates send an email at the end where you can leave a comment directly to the person who assisted you.

Now what I am going to do from my position, I am going to inform the team that Lamian players are dissatisfied with the small number of players.


Hello @SuperJL
Welcome to the New World forums!

My apologies for the inconvenience you are experiencing.
We are aware of the current issue with the status of various New World servers, we will announce more information on this soon.

Dears @DaYuKo @Jorinjorin @Willard @Hunden
Any news about your reclamations?..No.

So we have several examples about how you guys created tickets about this issue and nobody in the @Developer team did nothing. Something is not working in your internal communication if you guys are the chanel beetwen us and the Devs this chanel doesnt work. I know is not your fault and you are trying like us, both have the same goal, resolve a situation but this post is for the @Developer because we still are ignored by then.

We need an answer.

30 days with not solution.

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Lo dicho, se van tirando los problemas de un lado a otro como si fuera la patata caliente del GranPrix, para que poco a poco se vaya olvidando la gente de lo que está pasando.

Copiar y pegar una tras otra, nada raro.

Lo mejor va a ser dejar de jugar

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We are still waiting for a reply … a SERIOUS reply!!!



Another day in an abandoned server and no way to run away because I spent my migration token to avoid initial queues.

No news @Developer team?


So is a really sad situation, we are not even playing anymore.

Congratulation for lost another company in your game @Developer.

Even if you provide a solution in a long term many of us are not going to came back.

Still I will update this post to let know everybody about this horrible treatment you have given us…


181 player spike yesterday.


Good guide how to crash a new game


I play on Hades and I’m not affected by this but the guys on Lamian really need help.
@Community-Team is there an ETA for at least an actual response? Is their server considered to be merged in the near future?

You are bleeding players on daily basis and those that are still around and want to enjoy the game can’t currently do it. Wake up!


I feel you my server is Dianas Grove, is not as bad as yours is, but as you can see in the print its really bad aswell in prime hours cant reach 400 players, during the day you have 0 action going, 0 runs, 0 opr’s, 0 pvp, the market is non existant. Please devs do something about this, it’s not fair that these servers get neglected, stop doing new patches and solve this first, because these low pop servers are not playing the same game.

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Less populated server in the cluster and 0 actions.

Congratulations :partying_face:


Hi there, I understand and agree that the situation for Lamian, as well as some of our other worlds that didn’t merge back in December, sucks. There is a housing persistence issue that delayed Lamian’s merge into either of the other worlds within the Vanaheim Lambda world set. The fix for this issue is targeted for the January release, after which we will finish the merges that we had intended to complete in December ([Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay), Lamian included.

The persistence issue impacted the second round of character transfers as well. As mentioned, the target for this (EDIT: ‘this’ being the persistence issue) fix to go live is with the January content release, and barring catastrophe we will move forward with merges soon after.


Hello @Kay,

Thank you for your responce (Finally someone from @Developer team reply). Basically we have not population anymore and the people who have left will not come back. You guys are aware of this issue from one month ago (date of [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay) and we still need to wait at least another 2 or 3 weeks more to have a solution?..

Sorry but looks like this is not a priority for your team, you can have a downtime for fix this error just for the servers like Lamian and fix the issue, not wait 2 month and let a server and their people died and left the game.

This game is not intended to be play just with another 120 players, is not fun. This should be resolve as soon as possible, in 3 weeks you will have a empty server and people playing other games so please take this in consideration and try resolve this situation asap.

another 3 weeks with this player media is not sustainable… This is Lamian right now Friday evening in EU:

Number talks by themself. Please make this a priority and fix it asap or you will have not players in a few weeks…

PD: I prefert to lose all my houses than keep playing alone and I know everyone have the same feeling about this.



You had 19 players online this morning, what are you complaining about? :smiley:


when will the other servers that are not included in the list get merged? Like celadon