Please disable/delay invasions while you have disabled trading

How are we supposed to equip our company members with weapon coatings, other consumables, new weapons, etc. for these when you’ve disabled all wealth transfers? It all but guarantees losses, especially for invasions.

This is in response to your recent announcement disabling all wealth transfers: [Notice] Duplication Bug / Wealth Transfers - March 3

This has happened several times already. Why can’t you halt in-game events that all but require trading during these periods?


They should disable invasions until they fix the can’t sign up bug also. We can’t get enough people able to sign up because they do not get the option to use the warboards on City of Brass.


they should disable invasions for servers with less then 100 people in it

lol u cant craft urself? xD


I have hundreds of infused corrupted coatings in storage, but now I can’t distribute them.

Eh not sure I disagree there, it’s still a good income source.

Not everyone has made leveling crafting skills a priority. That said, invasions are overtuned and in need of a decent nerf.

They dont even disable invasions when they turn off the server for a maintenance, insuring that people suffer station downgrades.

Chances are good they wont do this either.

It was already nerf in December, did one last night for the first time in a while and none of us were in voice, just yolo’d it and won. Was pretty easy to be honest.

Oh god please no

They’re so mind numbingly easy, people usually drink at the same time on my server

They’re meant to be hard.
Get yourself a set of basic corrupted trophies (even just minor will do), and out corrupted coatings on your weapons. Plan a strat. With the introduction of 625gs too, it’s a walk in the park.

Invasions need to be remade. Make them 10min long and scale the entire duration/difficulty to make how hard it is in the last 5min of an invasion.

Currently you can basically sleep the first 20min of one

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Hmm, they’re really not all that difficult most of the time as long as you have a slightly organised army. It’s hard if you have a bunch of randoms though.

Guess we have different experiences. I’ve done 4 thus far, and all 4 have ended in defeat within the last 2 minutes on the timer. My gear is garbage, 532 average expertise and I use Winter armor for the mitigation because that’s the best I have. And yet, 3 out of the 4 runs I was in the top 20. The last one I did, the group leader stuck me in siege mode and I had no clue what to do. Thankfully someone took a minute to explain a bit so I wasn’t completely useless.

I’m sure with 600+ gear and 3 trophies and legendary weapons etc etc etc I would do better. So would everyone else. But so far…my experience has been that they fall apart, sooner or later.

This would be considering you have a full roster with everyone geared 600 or above. Not every server has this luxury.

We were winning invasions back when we we around 550 gs max
No one wants to run the invasions anymore.

After months of it, we got bored especially as it just kept getting easier.
In the past when lower GS, we’d have to sweat a little in the last 1minute and the wins were common but still a celebration and bragging right. Now though, it’s a snooze fest and we pass it off the random PVE players who like invasions and theyre not max gs but have an easy time with the right comms/coordination

It’s definately harder without a full roster. Tier 3 repeaters help a lot, so do tier 3 doors. Corrupted bain weapons are key.

There shouldn’t be servers with less than one hundred.

on a side note, the new gravwell does not stick spriggans and brutes down like it used to, just as I predicted before the changes went live. they dont get the initial fast pull, they’re immune to roots, and the second pull against them is not as strong so they just walk right through it and the window to stall them is almost nonexistent now.

It makes invasions a lot harder and you now NEED tanks to grab the spriggans and pull them away since you cant break their stamina the way you can on brutes.

We were much less effective in the final minutes when a gate finally went down and we collapsed on the middle, because you really cant prevent enough bosses from marching straight to the flag now.

Thanks for that unwelcome gravwell change that nobody asked for.

I dont know if your new or something. But let me update you on what happened.

The servers were merged bringing low pop servers to a higher pop server, These new merged servers were around 200+ Pop.

They then decided to release Transfer Tokens.

Majority of the people on the lower side of Pop servers decided to use there token to go to the most popular server Therefore making queues, And also killing the server they had left.

Take my server for example. We had Yulbrada/Lerna Merge. ( 100+peak with a 500+peak)
That wasnt enough for people so majority of them Left to Utopia And Delos leaving the new Lerna with 20+ during low pop time, and peaking at a nice 115MAX PEAK.

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Sadly I am aware of what is becoming a debacle.

The only two thoughts I’ve had on all this are first, there shouldn’t be any servers this low there should be merges asap. Secondly, when a server hits a population peak and needs to be locked it should be locked coming and going.

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