Please do Maintenance on your servers, Mobs are now in Slow motion

The Lag on the servers is so bad that the mobs in certain areas are in Slow motion now…

Don’t suggest I update my bios or check my internet and graphical settings again…

Hi travelers

@Bluedemonde, hope everything is good!

Thanks for report this and provide videos, i have make a report and a TT for it. Hope to get fix quick as possible.

Have a nice week!!!

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Thanks for the reply, I hope the servers receive some maintenance soon. Outpost Rush is almost unplayable with how laggy the servers have been since last patch.

We can’t afford to lose more players, the player run economy is going to suffer and so will the activities…


Btw what is a “TT” just so that the I and the community can understand.


Hi @Bluedemonde!

For “TT” we mean a ticket, sorry xD.

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Oh ok gotcha. Thanks .

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