Please do not NERF Ice Gauntlet

I really do not like the changes on the PTR for Ice Gauntlet, I feel like they are going way overboard and are going to ruin the weapon completely. Everyone who plays Ice Gauntlet is already looking for a replacement weapon. Additionally, it’s one of the few ranged weapons that counters great axe. Please stop the nerf.

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I tested it in PTR and it’s fine, every MMO needs balancing.

I play ice gauntlet, I read all the nerfs and I’m not looking for a new weapon… I’m actually looking for a new game when these changes hit.

Half the population uses GA. IG is a counter to GA. GA users complain bc they are not OP vs one weapon. 50% of the game is complaining bc they use GA. IG nerfed into the ground.

I asked many times, someone read all the nerfs and tell me a scenario where IG is the best weapon. What’s a scenario where you would want this weapon?

Says the guy with going by the name of “Trash_Game”.

I never said which game, and the IG is imo even better than before. Have you tried it in PTR? I think if anything, it could use a bit more tuning but it’s more fluid now.

Sick troll bro

Yes I have tested it complete, and it feels awful, loses to everything on there (except void gauntlet), don’t get me started on that, greataxe is by far the most OP/meta weapon in the game atm and they are buffing it!! What in the world is going on with the balance of this game?

IG is not just a counter to GA, IG counters basically every single melee weapon aside from sword and board which can block IG left click spam. It’s not just GA users who complain about IG, any pure melee player including spear/hatchet/hammer/rapier users thinks IG is currently too oppressive against pure melee builds.

Looking for a replacement because of looming nerfs sure. Not looking for a replacement because it’s currently underperforming.

A lot of players only want to play what’s op and won’t play something that they aren’t as easily able to stomp others with. It’s cc will always be valuable and tbh a lot of mages are going to struggle without entombed invulnerability on command as they’ve been using it as a crutch since launch when they get in trouble.

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