Please do not nerf refreshing evasion

The dodge nerf was enough now they are trying to nerf Refreshing evasion? Why??? We spent millions on bis gear with refreshing evasion all for nothing? Please do not nerf RE. It was considered bis to have it, not after everyone got their bis they are nerfing it? Please dont do this. Its going to ruin the game. I have 2.5k hrs in this game I know the state of the game Please. Dont. Do. This.


I 2nd that


I 3rd that


The refreshing evasion nerf just makes it slightly better than with plain refreshing instead of previously being the clear choice for light and medium armor. Prices for BiS refreshing evasion melee gear was gold cap while prices for BiS refreshing melee gear often went for ~150k. The nerf is fine for bringing refreshing evasion more in tune with the other refreshing perks.


“We created 15 shell companies and serverhopped for all our BiS gear dont nerf it. I cant actually compete with people if i dont have the absolute edge over everyone”

Thats what i read there.


I agree that RE was just good enough to par with refreshing. That is an amazing element to the game. Why would they completely gut it? It was good to combine some RE and Refreshing. Don’t know why they would destroy one main perk.

XD Only 1 company just sold and worked hard for my bissies. Don’t want them to take away a main perk after nerfing dodges.

No, I’m saying it was alot better than just regular refreshing. Instead of being alot better, the nerf makes it just slightly better, and thats ok. Saying the perk is destroyed is hyperbole.

I think the dodge nerf was enough. Making it go from .98% to like .70% or something like that is kinda harsh after the dodge nerfs. Am I wrong?

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Especially when RE was considered BIS for a long long time.

random question. where can i find the list of perk changes? can’t seem to find it

PTR: Summer PTR Release Notes here ya go

I could slap almost 2 seconds off a poison shot per roll with how much refreshing evasion I had

What was a 30 second cooldown would become like a 12 second one, it was actually bonkers

If you’re playing meta, you’ll always need to adjust. Should they stop releasing new perks, because you have your BIS gear and new perk will cause it not to be BIS anymore? Of course no

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Ya im all for new perks, but this is nerfing an established perk that already has a nerf due to dodges taking longer to regen.

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nah, it definitely needs a nerf, that stuff is bonkers for something like Light and Medium. You have a function that has so much power in fights and scraps, and for some reason, they’re investing way too heavily into it rather than open up other pathways. So far, they’ve put into dodging:
-Damage buffs
-Stamina gain for Light
-Cleansing for medium

that’s just overkill. That’s ridiculous.

Now if only there was a proper buff on Refreshing Ward.

its to reshuffle the META. I feel you that this sucks if you already have your gear but its neccessary imo. the META is pretty hardstuck even tho it shifte the last week but its still the same perk just the weightclass changed. Im all for a new META that hopefully will be fun

There is going to be a buff on refreshing ward.

it better, it’s one of the worst perks in the entire game. I’d argue it’s possibly THE worst perk. It’s clearly meant to be a Tank perk, but it literally cannot even function properly. It doesn’t proc on shield hits, and because of shield stability is so badly designed, it barely registers in scraps, only because said user is being blasted about by damage, and by the time it finally procs, the person is most likely DEAD. and unlike the other 2 perks that instantly work in their function (Refreshing just works, thank Todd, and Refreshing Evasion procs by just Dodging), this thing demands you get hit 5 times for it to finally work, and it works at a lower effectiveness than refreshing. Asking anyone to get hit 5 times by another player is just asking for trouble.

the way this game works with gear you HAVE to invest in it to make them work.

2 pieces of shirking fort or freedom is worthless. 3+ becomes usable

reinforced now indestructible :kissing: