Please do something about the bots

Seriously, logged thinking maybe I’ll have my farming set back… Nope big fail on that, anyways decided to go farm anyways, but what do I end up running into, dozens of farm bots running around farming everything… I’ve reported a bunch of them, and they are still running around. With most of them in their 30’s now it’s obvious, they’ve been farming for a long time while nothing has been done about it.

Then I ran across this one, running a pretty typical scripted loop while farming XP. New world needs actual server GM’s.


How is this a bot? I see normal dude running arnd

We have this same issue on our server. We have reported the same ones over and over and crickits. LoL we have a lev 60 on Calonogor they actually are getting smarter and getting factions. I followed multiple around and they run the same script over and over all day. I started training mobs to kill them to at least make myself feel better and it helped. I was actually going to make a post just like this, but with everything thats going on today i just felt like it would get looked over because people feel there are much larger issues at hand. But thanks for doing one.

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Really lol?, do you not see how it returns to the scripted path after attacking. How it jumps over the same wall twice in the same spot every loop. Besides the fact its been at it for hours, if I kill everything ahead of it, it just keeps running the same loop.

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at this point, i wish that AGS would stop doing anything and just let us play

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Now you can apply AGS as developer.

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This enough proof for you lol

Leveling bot on Olympos. Walking the same path everytime.

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Bots will always exist on MMOs. On my server I haven’t seen alot of the bots I’ve been reporting, and there is no spam in the chats, and it’s kinda nice. Something is being done.

AGS stopped the mini-map and pushed players to multi-screen while playing. BUT farming bots are good. No action needed.

That is just the one, walk around the area and you’ll find 3 more, all level 24

I think they did just do something about the bots. I mean, give everyone 300k gold, and bots have no reason to try and sell you in game money. :laughing:

Just a joke, y’all


31 reports today lets see if any get removed. It is kind of entertaining watching the different bots fight each other for hemp

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