Please dont allow us to drop locked items

The fact that you can still discard a locked item is scary. Make it so you have to unlock an item for it to either be salvaged or discarded.


Agreed. I threw away an idea i spent 50k on because of this by mistake.

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yea man same

big time. if it’s locked it should be locked to you unless you unlock.

inventory management needs some big QOL tweaks over all imo


Made a post about this in June. It was responded to by a CM, still not in the game yet.

Thanks so much for this suggestion @Timayy I see someone else in this thread has had this info forwarded but I will go ahead and forward it again. Thanks all for continued feedback!


thank you! this one is massive for quality of life. Would make supports lives easier to and get rid of all the “lost item” tickets

Mass Salvaging and the UI bugging causing an equipped/locked item to drop has been an issue since launch but seems to be worse lately due to desync

Dear AGS; Locked items should not be droppable

This game has bugs around salvaging which can cause equipped/locked gear to be discarded.

This has been a big issue since launch.

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