Please don't cap mutations

As someone who regularly does and enjoys doing the mutated expeditions with almost 2500 hours in the game, I’m really disappointed with the decision to cap these at 25 per week. I feel like I’m being penalised for being able to play the game more often than others and that I’m being funneled into PvP.

The mutations offer more of a challenge than the regular runs, as well as better rewards, and I find them fun. Sometimes I’ll join with a group that maybe isn’t so good, and I’m concerned that this is also going to come off my weekly “allowance” if we are unable to complete it or complete it effectively. If I want to help others complete their runs at lower mutation levels, it is essentially going to mean that I won’t be able to do this, as I’m assuming this will also count towards my weekly capped total.

There is a possibility that this will in fact kill the mutation runs unless people are confident with the team they are running with - which means the runs are going to be quite limited. I really think this is a bad move for all us people who enjoy the PvE elements to the game. It really doesn’t need to be capped at all.

Please reconsider capping the mutations - I just don’t see how I’m going to be able to play the game so much, if what I enjoy doing isn’t going to be available to me.

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Are you doing 25 mutations per week? Most people I know do about 2-3 per day

Today I did 6 - it is more that the option for me to do them is being taken away unnecessarily. It is what I enjoy doing. If I have time to do them and want to do them, I feel like I should be able to do them. I’m not sure why the game should control that.

I believe the amount shouldn’t be capped and instead after 20 mutations the good or legendary rewards removed from possible drops.

That would be fair if they’re concerned about people getting more rewards and progressing further than others - but I still don’t think people should be penalised for playing or be told when and how they can play… It just doesn’t seem right.

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Hi Specta_Kel, thanks for taking the time to post your feedback on mutations. I will forward this up to the Dev team so they can have a look. Take care!

Thanks - I appreciate it