Please don't damage items in my inventory when character dies

Please don’t damage items in my inventory when character dies. Why, why all items in inventory damages? Please stop this. I run far away from home, with my three sets of armor with Luck perks, set for harvesting, logging, fishing, mining. I died two times in a row, and repair everything cost 450 Gold, and lots repair parts. Please stop this craziness. Damage only what wears character! Don’t damage items in inventory.


They will respond with condescending and rude replies.
Believe me I’ve posted suggestions.

It is crazy that with limited space/weight we even have to carry all these different sets of armor.
Should be some sort of wardrobe.

It is fairly annoying when you are carrying mutliple sets for gathering and luck.

The obvious reason as to why they did it is that people could just unequip gear and die to quick travel for no cost and they most likely wanted to prevent it. But I’m sure there could be some middle ground option.

Even in WoW your inventory gets damaged. This is nothing new.

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Gear repair is an almost non-existant mechanic in modern WoW. It takes so long for gear to get damaged and its so cheap to repair that it isn’t much of an issue.

% Luck, need to be removed from gear at all. Luck% can stay on jewelry, or totem inside inventory.

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