Please Don't F with RTA players

How can we take this game seriously when the developers themselves betray their players? The last post about RTA was a disgrace. You put several people to promote your game on these servers. Several players came by invitation believing in the future of the game. Without the presence of these players, it would be impossible to publicize the arrival of the fresh servers.

Now that we need you to get these players into good playing shape you want to exclude them from the success they helped build from the game’s promotion.

That was the biggest betrayal I’ve seen in my 25 years of playing, I never believed that any serious company would do something like this.

In caveat I still believe you’ve gone back and will make the necessary provisions to get the players that helped make the fresh happen in good playing condition.

I count on your common sense. Take a stand. Help us to continue building the New World.


AGS just wanted to call old and new players to sell back friday packs e new skins. We can’t see AGS working to keep us playing this game until next “RTA event”.
They should work and study the best way to merge some fresh servers


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Thank you for your feedback. We will provide more information as soon as we have it.


Please, give us some light! We need to know what to do.

Just the announcement has had a chilling effect on our player base on Death. I’d posit that at least 10 to 20 percent of the active, remaining players on Death have either left already, or waiting to hear back what the final plan is before playing again.

What I can see from my end is fewer calls for World Tours and harder to get specific event runs unless it’s organized in advance through my company or server in Discord.

We had several Super Turkey events that lasted incredibly long because we just couldn’t get enough folks together to bring it down.

Please don’t wait too long to publicly address this issue. The announcement did our server, and the people playing on it, far more harm than good.


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pls @Luxendra

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@Luxendra @Aenwyn
We need transfers ASAP, this is the situation after your announcement about you guys not keeping your word and wanting to merge Overlord with legacy servers, the RTA keeps on bleeding, and even the streamers which are contract obligated to stream the game can’t do any content. We are talking about the community that supported your event being abandoned, WE NEED TRANSFER TICKETS/MERGES BEFORE IT DIES.

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AGS PLS MERGE @Luxendra @Aenwyn

When we have it we will provide it.

The contract obligations or whatever were already done. And I remember seeing several upon several posts from players that did the Battle for Aeternum event last year, being left in the dust after the streamers they helped left the game, saying to NOT put all your eggs in one basket on the RTA servers. I know I posted about this as well. It’s why the RTA servers during the event were so anemic with players because so many current players remember being screwed over by the streamers they supported, only to be left in the cold. Thankfully, there are streamers like Ramez05, TorikuToriku, BDLG, Redbyrd, KatContii, and some others that still play and stream the game because they love the game. But even they said that they are doing the RTA event and then returning BACK to their mains.

Only thing I can recommend is, next time a streamer event like this happens, just make a throwaway character for the event, do the event, then leave and delete the character. It’s why barely anyone is shedding a tear when they see posts about “RTA SEVERS DEAD!!!” or “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS TO YOUR PLAYERS AGS” or “HOW DARE YOU NEGLECT YOUR PLAYERBASE” and stuff like that. If this is your “main” and you want to transfer your “main” to another FS Server where you already have another character, and take advantage of two daily craft cooldowns, you’re not fooling anyone. For the one or two players that have the RTA character as their main, don’t worry, AGS knows who you are, and hopefully you guys get squared away.

Sorry @Aenwyn @Luxendra that you guys have to deal with this.

Some additional feedback:

It seems like a really bad idea to hand pick 20+ streamers with large audiences you are trying to reach for an event. Have them invite dozens of other streamers and their audiences to join in the event. And then do literally anything to piss off those streamers and their audiences… but that’s just my crazy thinking.

We were at the forefront of this promotion and the participants of the event believe in this new challenge and choose to start over in a world of new beginnings!

What was our reward? Abandonment we are having difficulty finding dungeons, doing events Turkulon was few times had a large number to try to kill him!
And another event arrives, the server has no functionality except to gather a group of limited players with nothing to do.

If it was explained that the keyed servers would link to the legacy ones in the end, I would never have wasted my time on an event server.

I’m starting to understand that we are stalled and delayed precisely so that other new servers can match us in equipment and market as an overlord, meanwhile we will be begging for a merger that won’t happen anytime soon.

I really want to be wrong in this thought!

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