Please don't increase GS to 625

There are issues with GS increase change, and many people will likely quit with this change, and I don’t want that.
What you are doing with this change is ignoring many goals people have gearing right now, as with this, all current 595GS gear with lets say 2 best in slot perks will be basically unusable for endgame player. Being able to upgrade 595GS gear to 625GS is not a good idea either because why would anyone want to invest even more on a non bis piece of gear…

Please don’t go with gear score change its just adding more of the same grind and rng I think most are already tired with it and want something else for a change, like small scale ARENAS…

As I understand GS increase comes for the mutated dungeons progression reward, but don’t get ahead of yourselves, players already have done and experienced those dungeons, don’t make people grind same old dungeons for same old gear with a higher GS.

Couple things you maybe could do instead of gear score increase for the mutated dungeons.

  1. Add increased luck to drops, the higher the level, the higher the chance of getting a legendary item.


  1. Have a system where mutated dungeons drop materials, the higher the level the more materials you get to straight up buy a legendary piece of your choosing.

Im not a game designer or anything but I personally would love to se those changes plus arenas added instead of what im seeing in ptr notes now. I love playing the game currently but these changes feel waay off, please dont release this give it more thought.

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