Please don't raise amount of crafting xp needed

This is exactly what they’re doing in the patch.

worst part is that this massive grind and money sink isn’t even worth it, if you want crafted gear you can just pay anyone to do it for you and even that isn’t necessary since you can just farm 600 gs legendaries from mobs

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not entirely. When you reach the next tier, the previous tier will give less xp. So it is a nerf to crafting. Atleast as you go up tiers

you clown maybe read the message i wrote a message to instead of answering my answer

No it isn’t. What they have done is increase so needed and adjusted high tier gear to compensate. Overall change is no improvement to the current scheme, they aren’t incentivising you to make high tier, they are punishing you for making low tier.
Increasing xp from higher tier and nothing else would be incentivising.

For those wanting the grind to be worse, you seem to miss the key point that crafting is supposed to go side by side with lvling and not seen in isolation. In its current form it is already near impossible to keep crafting in line with your lvl, the change will make this worse. Which means the entire 1-200 is a meaningless grind as anything you make has no purpose (the few people who slow progression to keep crafting up with lvl already talk about how pointless crafted gear is compared to dropped, it’s made even worse when you can only craft gear 1 or 2 tiers behind your lvl)

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Good thing they’ll add trade skill related quests.

So, i was only a couple of infused silk dress/robe or infused leather shirt, from reaching 175 in armoring. This was what seemed to give the most, out of the stuff i could create. Now i’m 6 of them away, from reaching 175. So no, it won’t be the same. I’m not surprice that they can’t do math. So now i have to craft more, of the highest tier stuff i can craft, to level up, than before. The level of this company is impressive. Who ever did the “math” for this, should be fired and never work with numbers again. So they are full of BS

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it will be harder to get t5 mats, unless your server is dead

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So instead of fixing f.x quest, like the main quest, where people now seem to have a hard time getting a group for. Have they even fixed the quest, where you have to kill waves of mobs, but people just keep interacting with the object, so we end up with 10+ the number of waves of mobs that was intended?. Why is it that developers seems to focus on changing things that doesn’t need to be changed, fixing bugs that doesn’t hurt the players, like the encumbered running bug. But wait with fixing the things that actualy ruin the experience for players

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Like I said, this is 100% all intended to increase hours after lvl 60. Despicable move. Greed over gameplay, ideology over competency.

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Because they aren’t games, and don’t realise, it might just help more people to quit. It is pushing me further, to just give up on the game

Uninstalled yesterday. The decisions made in this patch showed me Amazon’s priorities for the game, and I utterly disagree with most of them.

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f.x right now, we are 3 individuals waiting for a wolf to spawn. Which we also need to skin. So a lot of waiting is going to happen here… great gameplay…!

I’m likely going to do the same. I will very likely give it another try in 6 months or so but right now I have no idea WTF their ‘vision’ is. Enough people are 200 capped that they can’t herd cats and this is a massive buff to the people who no lifed their way to 200 Cap. Anyone buying this game today is so far behind the curve they will need a year to ‘catch up’.

I second that. I am quitting if they don’t fix this.

Your argument is made invalid by the fact that those players are still 200 and the rest of us are now forced to play this game like its a full time job to get even a fraction closer to them.

I was 165 Engi pre-patch and was actually getting into the trading skills more and feeling like it was worth something

Now 151k xp isnt even a decent amount yet it still takes me hours to farm all the mats for it, when that would’ve been a worth while amount of lvls 2 days ago

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correct but when your bleeding players this is an extrodenary stupid move

its hard do lvl weaponsmithing… 570 orichalchum and 10 lvl …

Lmao, I’ve spent like 30k on engineering so far and I’m only 150. You just drop everything you make because it doesn’t sell. The crafting in this game is so garbage. I just log on, check my merches for profit, buy crafting materials, level up crafting skills to 200 and log off. I’ve gone 24-56 that way. Once I hit 60 and 200 all skills, I’m just going to quit.

This game is horrible and the skills are AIDS. Jewelcrafting alone costs 350-500k gold to get 0-200… If it was membership based, I’d have quit already. I tried refunding it on Steam ages ago but they said no. I’d quit now but my RuneScape mems is out and I cba paying for anything else atm.

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