Please enable New Character creation on servers

I have been trying to get on a US East server Briedablik for about 4-5 days. The last 3 days there have been 0 queues and the pop has been MED to LOW when I play. My friends are there and I would really like to make a character there to play. PLEASE take a look at the servers that you have disabled new character creation for. Thank you.


It has been previously suggested, and I endorse the idea. People should be able to override the character restriction lock with a server invite from a friend playing on that server, and/or the locks on joining servers should be based on the population AT THAT TIME. So players that work graveyard/odd hours when it is low population can join the server of their choice.

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The lokcing of servers was a stop gap measure. It should have been monitored and adjusted regularly. Unfortunately, it looks like there will be no attention paid until we can begin paying for server transfers.

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