Please explain how this is not a high priority?! - Opposing players in OPR fort

Screenshot is self explanatory. These 3 camped out the spawn point…Way to make it a fun game. Have video and additional screenshots if anyone from support actually cares about exploits like this.

Were the side doors locked or something?

AGS doesn’t care. They know the game is a sinking ship, and they’ll be onto something else soon enough.


I’ve seen this reported elsewhere, cue in the cricket soundtrack that is AGS.


Does the door lock?

Guess not.

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Musket abusers be like: just dodge or find cover bro :clown_face:


Wasn’t this from the PTR event where the war became an OPR instead and the developers / community managers were teleporting people to different parts of the map?

Like you wouldn’t see a flying player unless it was a developer or some administrator.

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How many dmg he had? Is it ptr? Probably GM.

100% normal game on popular server. Not PTR. At one point there were 2 up there which I have video of and both were using musket to shoot at opposing players so highly doubt it was a “GM”…

I believe they are “floating” because of an invisible platform or something on map. I heard rumors it’s possible using the unstuck feature in a specific spot next to enemy fort and it spawns you inside their fort or up there.

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They already had Lost Ark and that is holding steady at 200k players.
Next up is Blue Protocol, despite the same repainting they did with Lost Ark. You can already wishlist BP on steam.

Eastern publishers want AGS’s skill at hype even though it doesn’t last. At least it’s a burst of cash each time.

I think being a publisher is the perfect position for AGS. They give the game hype, but aren’t in charge of the development process.

hey that has classes. are they gendered classes?

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OPR is right now a crazy s***.

Not too many OPR are balanced and usually wins the team that starts rushing.

A common tactic is rush to the opposite team base ignoring the own base.

Then is very important that people with high mobility farm resources and build the base and mid so quick as possible.

You only need two persons for this job and I tell you that in less than 5 minutes two guys can upgrade two forts to the max lvl in everything.

Then another very important thing that unbalance everything is the classic small team of 2 to 4 persons with a healer that can take bases and hold it vs randoms that come to die (even if they more in numbers) because they have no healer.

To finalise im gonna talk about Baron. It is very crucial. Is a mob that can bring a team to victory easy if it is done with priority. Sadly people that don’t know to play doesn’t know what it means leave the base they are trying to get or protect to go to do Baron, because in their little brains can not understand that they will be locked and they will get not points.

Is very sad but OPR needs attention. Is the only damn bg we have.

Imagine that the soldiers in the Alamo fought outside of the fort like people In opr. It’s so frustrating. Raising two points and watching your team run out of sun to be farmed off by ranged in an open field.

They started working on a new mmo last year. some of the nw devs left to start making the game. supposed to be some sci fi future mmo. new world was just a test game

They’re IN the fort, numb


No, and the devs can’t make your character float, you would fall. They have to put you on a surface.

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It looks like the invisible wall make up pacth to not allow players to leave the base before the timer had some unforseen worse consequences.

Who would’ve though a lazy solution would become a bigger problem?

Oh boy

tbh they’ve realized they can ‘pump and dump’ games because they’re selling to a consumer type with virtually no discretion. Anyone who buys a game AGS is involved with after this deserves what they get

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