Please Explain Why You Can't Open More NA-East Servers Now?

  • Prime Time for NA has yet to Happen
  • All the Servers have a queue
  • You can only support 17k Players with 7 Servers.

So if I was AGS I would launch another 4-5 NA Servers right away as I know they will fill up later tonight. The reason for is most of us have to wait in queue because of the slow rollover to get people off the beaches and such…

So if you open these servers now and not later we can get out of the way for people coming home over the next couple of hours to play…

Instead of launching them when things hit the fan Again.

Why do this painfully and slow when you can easily get more people into the game?

Just Basic Math shows a Problem Here:
7 NA East Servers.
11,569 in game, 9,119 in Queue for a total of 20,688 People
with only 7 Servers with a capacity of 17,500

That means there is 3,188 people who can’t even get onto a server even if you filled them up instantly this second lol.

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Yah, I’m ticked off.

All servers are locked Minh’s Seer, and everyone getting off work soon.

My excitement for weeks has gone down the drain.

New server on US EAST. GOOO

go pay a streamer for keys, they got their own private server, no Q’s, no crowds

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