Please fire the devs

I have never seen such a incompetence in any game i can remember. There was not a single thing you tried to fix (mostly with mediocre success if at all) without adding a tons of even worse bugs and errors, for some of them even completely unrelated to the original fix.

Please fire this team and hire some actual experienced workers instead of whatever people you actually let trying to fix the code. I guess some inhouse department rotation program, probably right now the marketing guys and girls get their chance - big slogans in patchnotes, but unable to properly calculate 1+1


Uh, Someones Toxic


they’re students because they’re cheaper

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Yeah, to some degree frustrated i guess.
I anticipated every single fix and patch since release just to be disappointed afterwards. After every update many things got worse instead of better while real problems like unresponsive laggy wars and other things were never adressed or successfully repaired.

At least the worlddesign team did a good job.

dont worry i do get where you are coming from. its like your waiting for AGS to stop fcking up, and hoping its gonna just work this time, and then you are 1hour in and no bugs yet your reliefed and then boom you was too naive and offcourse another bug surfaced, so yeah at that point its gonna become the expectation. my advice for u, stop anticipating them, just surf the wave and if the wave breaks then well rip. but personally i am done in trying to expect anything out of them at all, and expecting everything to break further and further. Because based on results i have so far from playing this game thats what the data kind of indicates.

I smoked a gram or 2 so sorry if its tough to read.


I appreciate Amazon’s dedication to getting its workers career progression, but I fear having the Warehouse workers manage a game is too big a jump


I think they need a lot of adjustments to their QA process, assuming they have a dedicated QA team.

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Yoo. Type online games here that have no issues since released.

Feel free to leave dude… there are other games for ppl like you !

ah let the man vent.


He has a point it is pretty bad. That said there is a lot we don’t know like how much they are able to get done before a deadline and a lot of MMO launches have been rough but… luck being bugged for the first 3 months out of error and the decision to butcher the endgame shows both poor management and execution.

There’s no doubt in my mind that people that try and hide major changes for the community and can’t get loot stats right without a player having to kill thousands of boars to prove it is just about as incompetent as it gets.

Fire them before it’s too late.

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People are leaving though lol… a lot.


Assuming that I work until 17 pm at home at 18 I will play 2h max 3h of which 1h are attempts to connect to the server and I have to lie down because I get up at 5, I find that it is totally bad money to buy this game, I would also wonder if I would play at all in her like any f2p

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No not this.

Feel free to complain, ignore all the posts from snowflakes telling you to stop complaining, it’s your right as a customer but never call for someone to lose their job. Ever.

People have families that depend on them, bills to pay etc.


100% agree Sack the lot !

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Today is the day the government finally put the legalization on paper in germany. Cheers

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It would be worse. Like many on these forums, you complain without knowing anything about the actual issues.

There were many employees who worked on lumberyard and the foundation of the game who left earlier this year, leaving the current AGS dev team with the task of developing the game while lacking some key proficiencies. This is why they’re having such a hard time fixing things today.

Laying off more employees would exacerbate that problem. The current devs are doing their best with the cards they were dealt.

Give them time, be patient
If you can’t do that, stop playing. Asking for layoff is crazy bad attitude.



Of course, everyone does.
But if I made the amount of mistakes AGS devs did in such a short period I’d get fired.
However I’d ask/demand for AGS management to resign first and keep the dev team for now.

I’ve got one! Wait… Nevermind!