Please fire the devs

Who releases an incomplete product and still wants money for it is an extortion and fear to think what would happen if amazon started something like car production or something similar at 100km / h the wheels would fall off

It doesn’t work that way in development. If you fire all the developers you will only make things worse (in the short run at least).

Given the current situation, we can safely say that the project code is terrible. It will take months for new developers, even the most experienced ones, to figure out how to work correctly with the current code base.

Actually, perhaps the current situation is a consequence of firing key developers.

People will always complain. If devs are trying to fix a game, you will be angry they are fixing it in a way you dont appreciate. If devs do not fixing an issues, you will be angry they are not fixing an issues. You can be mad they making a rollback to “fix” a problem, but what if they won’t do a rollback and just give you tons of gold? Problem still exist.
I was never playing MMO’s before but thank god they are doing something with a game to make it better. Im not complaining at devs. They definitely doing best thhey can do.
Do an experiment in mind. Change your position with a Dev. How would you fix an issue youre complaining about?

In this case, the only people who should be fired are those who made the decision to release a full and paid game

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Why people always want to kick out someone that is only doing job that he is told to do? You should want to kick that one person responsible for making decisions. Not someone who just takes orders and is doing what he is told to do…

you will have to leave quite soon too if nothings gona change.
Right now 10%-20% of the playerbase quits every single week, down from a whooping million to now 170k (220k just 10 days ago)

Playing on a low pop server with spike 400 players does not make things better.
Endgame content consists of
Gearscore grinding
OPR if you manage to get the people playing
some rare wars (there was a war or two every day just 3-4 weeks ago) now its probably 1 a week if at all
unbeatable Invasions
and 2 dungeons with entry costs worth of hours of farming for 30min group fun

Gearscore grinding is effectively grouping up with ~10 people to kill the same 3 regions over and over again, completely overrun a couple of weeks ago to the point where there even were any mobs left if chosen the wrong time of day. On top of that while trying to balance the areas, AGS bugged the loot of chests and mobs

Instances. Due to the orb prices no one wanted to enter before pushing his watermarks high enough to make them worth it. Now at least you can manage to get a group as long as someone still has their quest orbs (should be over soon again)

OPR is just a pain in the ass on a lowpop server. you have to beg and queue an hour or more in global to get enough people for it at least once a day if at all. On top of that it then has the same performance issues or frozen images infights like wars. No one will ever know why they didnt just make them cross server (pool) right at the start after hiding it for months at release

Wars - i think i dont need to explain the issues of wars in details. It was fun in the few weeks it worked more or less properly but more often then not it is only a lag-party

Invasions - i dont even get the idea of the concept behind. They are so hard to beat, it could be a welcome challenge for experienced armies and companies, instead they make completely random invites for 40 out of 50 players. If you wanna do them serious - if you have still enough company players active at all - you have to kick all random and <60 players out of army until you get the composition you need. On top of that there are 3 or 4 every day of week and most of them dont even have enough people queued to fill them up completely. Its just a punishment for the city. Some of them dont even upgrade it anymore if its not the main capital city which yet makes money

And i dont even start discussing the “general bugs” like the percentage calculation of luck, which should be first class mathematics. The removal of harvesting gear when nerfing weapon perks (wtf), non-working perks on armor (still some not working correctly or at all after months) if there are only 2-3 fitting at all for customization of a build, furnishing items still not tradeable a week in now, though duping should be fixed already according to infos, critical crafting components missing from loottables and so on

As a developer myself I can say this :
if they were working on a Bank and do that (Coin error), they will be fired and get accused for something more. This is really really bad developing.
It is not being toxic, it is reality.

Suggestions :

  • They should use TDD appearently they are not doing enough end-user testing, but at least unit test can solve more. I dont think they can manage BDD.

  • They should create rollback , deployment , maintanance automation scripts to gain some time for this kind of situation.

  • So much Hotfixes on PROD branch is always wrong, some old-fashioned developers keep doing that also relying on that. Ex : Coin error. Always test your solution.

  • Static Code analysis and Gates: Create release gates to approval to deployment on PROD, Tester should approve that tbh and add static code analysis and grade your code.


I guess the devs stays for a while @ first we get more stupid looking prime and shop armors. :slight_smile:

sure, you are right with that. We dont know the details which or who led to all these issues. And to be fair, the title is exaggerated and provocative to get rid of some frustration probably but something has to change very soon to the better or this game is history, and i would not want that as i really enjoy many parts of it

And then they all clapped.

Or just give up on this demo version of the game and get a refund and play something actually enjoyable

it’s not the devs anyway. It’s whomever decided (and kept deciding) to spread this game out over a litany of unproven (for MMOs) services.

Your dupe bugs, your time desync’s, your AoE latency, all have more to do with the architecture of the game, than the game itself. This is why their solutions are always disabling the offending feature.

Character-data-related services do not go on queueing or message services that are more than 1-2 network hops away. Just because it works for netflix doesn’t mean it’ll work for an MMO.

Amazon/AGS are in the era on pronouns and be what ever you wanna be monday to friday ie a unicorn or a whale.

What kind of people do you really think they employ at the studio? i guess and say rainbow hair with 100’s of piercing smell of soya and pumpkin spice drinks, goes on these peaceful protests and do 500 hand gestures when asking for direction to the men’s toilets kind of employees

This reminds me of Bethesda and Fallout 76. For first-year they were basically blowing up the game with every patch.

I think the devs team are Insufficien about lumberjack engine

Management first.

i mean i enjoy myself. when the servers are up

I can ensure you that developers are the last to blame here.

That’s what you get when you diversity hire your software devs, nothing new here tbh.

And if those people don’t do their job they get replaced.