Please for the love of god make perks searchable in storage sheds already!

Look at how much gear I have in my storage shed, it’s difficult to find what piece I need just by the sorting system. We need something better.

I’m tired of constantly hovering over each one of my armor pieces one by one as if I have to adore each piece to its fullest and waste 1 hour of my life just to make a decision whether or not I should buy a 2 perk in the TP or if I have it in my storage and save myself some money. I’m always broke and would rather not spend more on the trade post. I have a lot of gear I miss out on and buy duplicates of just because of the issue with perks not searchable in storage. Hell I didn’t even activate windows, I ain’t rich in game or in real life.

This games been out for over a year, there is an ability to search perks in a trade post. Why not make that feature something similar for storage instead? I feel like this isn’t talked about enough.

Some good features I’d like to see ASAP hopefully because I really enjoy the game is:

  • Perk search
  • Armor type search
  • Bind on Equip
  • Attribute Search

A lot more time would be spent in the game rather than my storage. No point for me purchasing a new world home when I spend more time in my storage. At this point ill give each piece of my purple gear a name since I spend so much time sorting through them, I’ll name the first one Thomas the Engine, cause this systems a train wreck.

If you agree with this blow this post up. Let’s get this done right so we can enjoy the game with more QoL features :partying_face:


I honestly agree to this we need this asap please can we have this fix @Hunted has a great point !!!


Much needed feature, and way overdue.


We need this so much, similar to many other things.
Seeing how AGS does things it will probably take at least 6 more months until this will be considered, and than 6 more to have it in the game.


We need to be able to search for Bind on Equip also.
Then also need to search for attributes like on TP

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That’s pretty good as well, I edited that in

The option to only search by a sorting mechanism is one of the most brain-dead things I ever seen. Been constantly quitting this game on and off because it becomes too much to bare the incompetence of a small feature they should have been implemented a long time ago. Can the devs confirm they play the game and used the storage at least once in their life? This ain’t a drug deal, you can test your products. :angry: .

spending hours fixing your storage should be considered as “end game content” in NW lol


please :pray:

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the true end game. can probably retire off this game after that

we have been asking for this for a year but no one answers, just make analogic as auction

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not sure why its still not implemented. It’ll make life a lot easier searching storage

if you guys can, bump this whenever you have the ability to :pray: I really need this QoL feature and so do a ton of other people as well so the devs see this.

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To reduce some of the searching time I use the “search bar”. It is in the OP’s first Screenshot and sits above the Weavers Fen (Storage Location).

If I need an Ancient item, then type in Ancient and forget about all the non relevant items.

Yeah it may not work every time for me but it’s a lot quicker at times than manually searching one by one.

Additionaly I found that by storing the class of the items into different locations worked as well ie, Lost, Ancient, Corrupted etc instead of having them all clumped in the same location massively reduces the time spent on searching.

Before I save an item I genuinely look at it and think 2 things 1) Will I ever use it 2) Will it sell. If the answer is no then salavge it.

Understandably there are players that will hoard everything and in that case perhaps it’s not the game parameters that need addressed?


or perhaps there are players who store everything from a few session of playing to go look over the gear at a later date when they have more time. That is what I do. And the storage is a nightmare when you can’t sort out by perks.

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Until such times as an agreeable form of searching or storage are implemented then we must each do what makes us happy or unhappy as your case may be.

I offer no correct way, only a simple method for a simple search and even that is not enough for you.

So sorry I couldn’t assist you any further.


Instead of all the complicated UI and back end changes need for the rather over simplified gear sets (doesn’t even store attribute points, much less weapon skills)… Just give us a way to label gear and search sort by our custom labels.

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While they’re at it why don’t named items tell you what the 3rd will be? Or even that there will be a 3rd perk for new players so they don’t salvage them? Kind of annoying to have to look up every named item on NW database to see if its worth upgrading.

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But most items with an Ancient Ward or Bane perk (the things I would be wanting to find on an item if I was looking for “ancient”) are not named as such. Usually “Ancient Breastplate” etc refers to the skin and not the perks, which are random.

I use the weight filter to group items into types, as all hatchets are the same weight, etc. If I know the item type name, I’ll type it in, but the search box is not much use when looking for perks. It’s a bit more useful when looking for attributes, for example, I could type in Ranger to find Dex gear but it would miss any named items with dex on them. The Sun Lord’s Wings don’t tell me that they have both Ancient Ward and Dex in the name.

The best method for me is to go to and search for named gear that matches my needs, then use the search in my named gear bank to see if I have the item. Otherwise, I hover over every piece in the weight category to see if it has the perks I need. This is particularly tiresome with armour, as there are so many variables.

In short, I think a perk filter would be a welcome addition to both storage and inventory.

Also, could we please search alphabetically? It’s such a pain to check for double-ups of my named items!


So your first solution is completely useless (and is, in fact, what OP asking to implement), and your second solution is to spend more time sorting inventory to maybe someday spend less time sorting inventory. Marvelous.

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