Please, for the love of God! RAISE THE GOLD CAP!

There is no reason to have the gold cap so low at 500k. I could sell everything in my storage and easily break 3 probably 4 million in gold. But i just have to keep buying mats. Just double the gold cap to 1 million. There’s no reason for it to be this low. It’s such an unfun mechanic to hinder people like this especially when BiS items easily go for 500k+


Unfortunately, I’ve never had your problem.


You should do what everybody does, sell your gold through a website that I won’t name.

What else are you supposed to do? lose gold? nah. Buy your third 1000x asmodeum stack? ffs…


The gold cap definitely needs to be raised. The game has been out for almost 1.5 years. It is a QoL improvement that would take no developer time, could be implemented immediately, and would make most of the player base happy.

Which is why it wont happen any time soon…


We’ve been asking for a goldcap raise for the last 6 months but I guess AGS prefers people running around in their own pseudo-bank-company instead of making a simple change that would help a lot of people and hurt nobody.

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I’m bypassing being in my company to use my own company as a bank and with the changes to the was roster its becoming an issue

Sadly this will never come with the current state of the forums. People dont understand how annoying it is because they wont reach it and they justify it by saying anyone that does reach it are gold sellers/buyers so fuck them right? People dont understand people that trade items or craft and sell items. Good luck with your push but like the last 4 posts it will get drowned in hate and fade away.

I would love to be able to be part of a company. The gold cap forces me to be a single manned company.

On top of that if I accidentally add someone to my company by misclicking a group invite… they are now a consul and can clean the treasury.

I would say doubling it isn’t enough, and asmo losses value everyday right now.

Thanks for bragging :+1::laughing:

Why is there even a gold cap? At least make it reasonable like 5 millions, 500k is so easy to reach, it forces you to buy stuff all the time


No, spend your gold. You’re just hoarding it. If anything, they need to add more gold sinks that delete gold from the economy so characters like yours stop existing.


In what I am supposed to spend it? No one is selling the BiS items I need and I already craft everything I consume

No need to get this rude, touch some grass.


The IRL gold cap is $10000 you can only go to that amount and you have to spend it or you lose it. You have to invest in steel and wood so you can make other things. If you want to buy a new car you have to give them $10000 and 3 piles of steel that you have been hoarding.

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lmao - im sensing colored hair.

Would be nice…

Keeping gold in mats worked for a while. That stuff crashed HARD. Really need to remove gold cap, or add a different currency that we can freely swap with a npc.

This right here. I’m 200 furnishing so i would by trophy mats then sell the tier 3 trophys. Armor tools went from mid 40k to under 20k overnight. I stopped buying mats because I’m tired of gambling on crafting. But i also can’t save up money either!

I keep crafting. I’ve never had this problem… It all just disappears the moment I get it.

Come to think of it, this feels a little too realistic

Isnt that the point of a player driven economy?

Imo hoarding gold hurts the very foundation of what new world became after the alpha twist.


On my server i see items being sold for in excess of 500,000. How are both the seller & buyer doing that if the cap is 500 000?

Why would they raise it when they know you will buy a new game copy to make your Bank alt ?