Please for the love of god start banning bots

Someone else posted “The BOTS are back” which was just an hour ago so I’ll repeat what I said there…"[quote=“Tovic43, post:4, topic:729358, full:true”]
they will never get rid of the bots, it’s their cash cow tbh. Between big companies selling the millions of gold to gold sellers, they in turn buy fake accounts then turn and make their money. This seems to be an okay situation for AGS, they did after all let ‘companies’ run the in game economy (speaking of in game companies that own territories) AGS allows insta-server transfers so big shell companies running servers, collecting game gold, turn and sell it to bot companies and in turn the bot companies keep buying fake accounts…AGS makes out, their happy with this outcome


Yup all about that money. Just like how it’s a 24hr cooldown on server transfer. Doesn’t promote healthy servers, just a way to make as much as they can before this game dies

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Banning bots doesn’t even come close to putting a band-aid on the issue.

  • Banning bots is an exercise in futility. The script users just eat the 30 dollar cost of a new account within hours.

  • Much of the gold sold via RMT is done so by mega companies that exploit the territory owning tax system.

  • The team tasked with banning bots is stupidly slow at acting on bot reports. They even take weeks to act upon the reports of gold sellers spamming gen chat. If you uncheck the ‘mute’ box when you file those reports you can see this for yourself. The RMT site spammers last weeks with zero action. The damn reports contain all the evidence needed! By default it puts the offending text into the report.

  • Their automated systems are a pure waste of development resources. Within hours the scripters simply adjust to defeat them.

  • RMT sites are moving more and more to low paid labor to staff a handful of accounts 24/7 doing nothing but gathering. Thus an actual human is doing the gathering although it’s for an RMT operator. So they never get banned.

In conclusion the absolute only way to rid New World of bots/RMT is for them to actually enforce their TOS that clearly states buying game currency from external sources is strictly prohibited! They need to ruthlessly remove accounts of gold buyers. Absolutely nothing else will work. All their automated systems, dedicated bot action teams, smoke up the ass statements about 9000 bots banned are complete and utter wastes of time!

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Your assessment is extremely illogical. I know it’s easy to assume AGS is behind/secretly supports the RMT/bot garbage for profits sake. This simply makes no logical sense though. The negative press and a major factor in the minds of many people who have left is without a doubt the massive number of bots and RMT problem. Amazon/AGS being the enormous corp that they are is surely intelligent enough not to actually secretly support/encourage the RMT problem. They lose far more business dollars in the negative side of that as they would ever gain by selling more accounts to banned bots. It really boils down to pure incompetence. The only way to deal with the RMT/bot problem is to enforce their TOS against purchasing game currency from external sources. It appears they’re simply too incompetent or too lazy to do exactly that.

This game has no sub? What income are they losing by people leaving compared to bots? Honestly asking, I don’t think many people are spending big money on skins. So idk outside of initial purchase revenue you see them generating cash influx from the normal play base

Just one more reason why the Settlement system in the control of players is fundamentally bad design and should have been deleted before launch.
This issue and so many others could be closed by doing so.

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I never said they ‘supported’ them, they turn a blind SET of eyes to RMT bots/sellers. You can’t possibly deny AGS isn’t making money off bots, they buy the game, they spend they money but in turn they make 20-50% back in return I’m only assuming there on %'s but how many bots work in the background not saying nothing in chat grinding for the bot companies? AGS is fine letting the economy be ran by real people owning big in game companies who turn using property taxes to sell the gold and if you don’t see that then you are blind. AGS isn’t ‘supporting’ but they DAMN sure are getting money and doing nothing to stop it

It’s $40 (US currency) for an account, so they buy a quick account, in game company ran territories using shell accounts to keep huge areas under their control, sell the property taxes to the bots and they in turn have that 1-5 people spamming chat not getting banned and they have others grinding materials to sell so it’s a win win for the big in game companies, the bots and AGS…it’s kinda like a circle jerk with money

Might have replied to the wrong guy, I’m agreeing with you

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There are a lot fewer bots now than there used to be. I doubt they will be completely banning. I knew a few ppl who had 5 - 20 bots for farming, I’m neutral about this. In a way, this lowered the prices of many goods: any wood, any ore, some craft mods and more which was good for the economy of the server as a whole. But when there were too many bots, it was very annoying.

My apologies, not meant for you, my bad

Great question. The obvious one is the cash shop. Also you have to realize the number of bots while enormous isn’t anywhere near the number of actually playing people. Yes I know for shock and awe purposes we all toss out crazy numbers like 75% of the playerbase and such. That’s simply not true though. Think about all the negative threads, not only on these forums, bitching about the bot problem though Reddit YouTube, Twitter, etc etc etc. That’s extremely likely to turn off far more potential customers than the number of bots buying new accounts. It’s simple math and even simpler business.

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@FlyNavy_1271 It’s $40 (US currency) for an account, so they buy a quick account, in game company ran territories using shell accounts to keep huge areas under their control, sell the property taxes to the bots and they in turn have that 1-5 people spamming chat not getting banned and they have others grinding materials to sell so it’s a win win for the big in game companies, the bots and AGS…it’s kinda like a circle jerk with money

@GrailQuest I couldn’t agree more. The tax system as a whole is complete idiocy and piss poor game design as a whole. There are several completely idiotic and downright bad design decisions they’re completely uninterested in fixing. The flagging loot luck bonus being another. This thread isn’t about those issues though. This is about the bot/RMT problem that they are clearly ignoring. I honestly love seeing these threads constantly pop up. That’s the only way we the players will ever motivate them to finally get off their asses and do what needs to be done. Else they’d just smile and never so much as think about the issue.

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I didn’t allude to you personally supporting anything. Yes they do make a little money by banned bots re-buying accounts. That’s peanuts in comparison to what they lose by running off current players who in turn bitch about the bot/RMT problem on every resource on earth that accepts their text to do so on.

For me it also seems like that some of the “normal” players starting using bot´s because the grind is really hard. They also want to earn money in the market. I don´t think that bot´s get till level 60 without a ban.

@Edde I agree. I’m sure many normal players do take the plunge and use bot scripts for certain things since it takes so extremely long to have them dealt with by AGS if they are ever actually dealt with. It’s almost a zero risk venture. AGS seems to have little to no interest in enforcing their TOS when it comes to bot scripts. They have lots of interest in tooting their horn claiming they are doing soooo much. That smoke is getting old though. Actions speak. Words just stink up the place!

Oh I agree with you on your reply about the peanut comment. But seeing as though for right NOW…now, it looks kinda like AGS don’t really care to much for NW and while people have been leaving and not many new blood in game, this is a great way to bleed NW before it falls if something isn’t done to fix the multiple problems plaguing NW since alpha which btw AGS almost completely ignores. between crafting, weapon bugs, visual bugs, log in bugs, banning bugs…bugs bugs bugs everywhere so between the ignorance of AGS and devs the only real viable way to make money is bots, they know this and turn a blind eye as NW keeps crashing. I love NW and I’d LOVE to see it succeed because I think it does have great graphics, great animation (when it’s not bugged by desync) and I like the overall feel of the game but things like company owned territories that profit RTM, the bugs, the devs not listening to the real players, never say nothing on forums and the other list of issues makes bot sellers again a big cash cow for them

1: if those were bots, they wouldn’t stand around if there was nothing to mine from

2: you know that blocking mining nodes with the camp is an exploit and was reported in other posts, right?..

I don’t personally do it because it’s complete dick move, but I don’t think they care or consider placing camps on nodes to be an exploit. I straight out asked in a post while tagging Luxandra and ShadowWolf and devs if it was an exploit or if they even cared. The post went 100% ignored by them. We can read into that as they don’t care or don’t consider it an exploit. Can’t say I was surprised.