Please get better at communicating

The Heart of Madness update was supposed to launch this morning, but it’s been pushed back a day. That’s fine, but how were we supposed to know that? The news post on the website, which is also what shows up on Steam, still says that it’s launching the 29th instead of the 30th. The only place the push back is mentioned at all is a response to the news thread on the forum which was posted at 4am EST today, a couple hours before the patch was supposed to go live, and that response doesn’t cause an “unread” flag to pop up on the list of forum categories if you’ve already read the original post, so there’s no indication that you should check it for updates. I found out by logging on and asking in global, which everyone else has been doing, too, which makes global an annoying chat channel today.

Why is it so hard to post an update in some more visible fashion for a rather large patch being delayed?

are you ok?

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