Please get rid of bind on pick up

At least in weapons and armor this just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It also makes getting 200 trade skill in any trade loose the ability to craft and sell named items not that there are many that are good. I do a gen get 600 legendary heavy helm all strength amazing stats guess what it’s not gonna fit my build and it’s worthless 2-4 repair parts and 3 coin cmon it’s worth 4K on the market easy and as rare as these drops are I don’t see it effectively doing any harm to crafters . Also it may help someone in the expedition and they may have gotten something you want or need but can’t trade because of bind on pick up !

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“Hahahahahaha, never played an MMO before”


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Strongly agree. Nothing, and I mean not a single item should be BOP in a game that has player driven economy. BOP should not exist.

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