Please give an update on when low pop servers will be merged, or when paid server transfers are available

I started the game on a high pop server that had queues the first week of launch. As soon as server transfers opened about 2 weeks ago, I moved to a low pop server where my friends were since they could not start on my original server.

Now this low pop server is dying, and most large companies and level 60s are transferring off. Peak player count for this server is only around 300-400 people on a weekend during prime time, and its impossible to find an Outpost Rush game.

I’m stuck on this low pop server now after wasting my transfer to come here. Would really like to see an update regarding merging these dying servers, or opening paid server transfers so we can go to a server with a larger playerbase.



this game may die not because of bugs, but because people suffer in low population may just quit the game for good

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I want to know when the merge will come too… Please do it ASAP

My server was a high-pop, but since the exploits came most of players quit.

The population stay in 33% of the server limit, most of the realms on the same dataset is on the same scenario

I started a new character on a world that is not on my main language just because it has more players, it’s so much better, low queue times, abundancy of items on trading posts and a living world.

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