Please give "Full" Patch notes // Test your patch

First I would like to say thank you for the great work you are doing I really enjoy this game and it’s got a lot of potential to be my long term game for years to come. Your work on graphics and especially the sound guys (I can’t say enough) is incredible and makes an immersive world I love to be in.

I think we need more complete informative patch notes. I myself would not mind running thru 5 pages of detailed patch notes to understand what has been done with a TL:DR for people to summarize if it’s too much at the end. Instead we get Giant Turkeys after Thanksgiving is already over thrown into the game like a giant surprise for us. Also what else was changed?! Were there details no one knows about. Was anything changed Skill/PvP/Armor/Damage we should really know about. Instead the sneaky little Ninja Nerfs, or Buffs show up and players wonder what has happend my class? Suddenly this skill/ability/passive is completly broken now and we do not have patch notes about when or why a change happend.

With that said, please please please test your patch before stating that something had been fixed. All you needed to do was have one person on an internal server goto locations and try and harvest elemental Deer/Wolf and see if it worked or not. Instead we have a patch note saying it’s fixed and it works and then 2 minutes after the servers are back online all the players run out to test it with these broken results. I mean please play your own game a little and see if what has been done it actually working or not. It really is basic Quality Assurance.

Thank You and Cheers


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