Please Give RTA Participants an opportunity to transfer to Fresh Start Servers ASAP (explained with reasoning) --

What makes you think that they did NOT look at the metrics of the RTA servers?

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because we are NOWHERE in line with a legacy server… not even CLOSE.

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Pretty big assumption on your part, as you don’t have access to the metrics and they do. :man_shrugging:

Be that as it may, supposing you are correct, and AGS is wrong about the metrics of the Economy on RTA servers versus Legacy servers, AGS is also looking at the impact of them having to contradict their statement below and the negative impact on those FSW servers of an influx of RTA servers/players. FSW servers are already dealing with merges to address low populations.

After the December 6th post, they have changed the status of RTA servers from a FSW servers to Legacy servers. Thusly, RTA characters would be existing characters that cannot be transferred onto FSW servers. So not only has AGS gone against their previous statements by changing their intention regarding treating RTA servers as FSW servers, which they admitted to doing so already, they would then have to break a statement which AGS said they would NEVER do, allowing existing characters (RTA server characters, now considered Legacy server characters) to transfer INTO a FSW server. So you would have them commit another wrong, on top of the one they already did regarding RTA server alignment (FSW vs Legacy)? Do these two wrongs somehow make a right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Lots of mental gymnastics there in your post tbh.

All AGS has to do is take a better look at the “metrics” admit they were mistaken and reafirm that RTA FSS are indeed closer to FSW…cause that is what they are and no words are being broken.

RTA FSS ARE FSW so I am not sure what you are blabing on about here tbh and treating them as a “legacy” world is absurd and everyone that actually has a character on a RTA FSS knows it.


There aren’t any mental gymnastics, you just don’t have a good grasp of how a logical argument works. It’s the logical conclusions based on what AGS has stated themselves. I’m simply using what they have publicly stated as my arguments.

Do you have access to the “metrics” that AGS does? No, you do not. Neither do I or anyone else, but AGS. Basing your arguments on your own opinion and not taking into consideration the new information publicly posted by AGS, means your statements hold no weight. AGS might be doing just that, but until AGS posts otherwise, they consider RTA servers aligned more with Legacy, despite them starting out more aligned with FSW servers.

Again, here your lack of understanding a logical argument shows itself. Until you have better access to the “metrics”, your anecdotal experience does not hold weight. :man_shrugging: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

no they are RTA servers. they never where FSS. FSS = random people and clans start anew, legacy players and new players all need to completely start fresh, having all the coordination struggles one might have with that (including big shell companies trying to sneak their way in)
RTA servers are servers with a “hivemind” like behavior: lots of people following the commands of one big streamer, which means targeted goals are going to be done way more efficient (e.g. streamer x decides to get everfall, wanting to max outfitting, loom and tannery. as soon as he announced that he wants that, viewers will start grinding and working for that goal.)
try doing that on a normal, non-streamer dominated server. we had the same situation when new world started 1 year ago:
the servers, where there were streamers on it were
a) full (with queues longer than all other servers)
b) only active as long as the streamers played, when the streamers stopped playing, most of those servers actually died down and got merged.

but because of the way more strategic progress of an RTA server, those servers are already at a point (economic wise) where normal FSS arent yet (just compare when people were able to craft t5 mats in normal FSS servers compared to RTA servers, which had their first t5 mats in the first few days.)

so the situation is more that RTA doesnt really fit into ANY server right now, but also isnt able to sustain itself anymore.
RTA is not advanced enough for legacy, but too advanced progresswise for any FSS to merge with.

I have access to the “metrics” by the fact I actually play on a RTA server unlike yourself so I know what I am talking about unlike yourself.

Your logic is based on flaws in that you believe AGS isn’t telling fibs.

BTW RTA servers are FSS or FSW that is a FACT.

Again you keep on with the mental gymnastics in the guise of logic.

This has been debunked time and again the last day or so…you spread misinformation when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. The streamers and everyone else saying these are FSS are correct and you are wrong.

Also FRESH START servers written plain as day right there for you to read, only thing is they open to the general public a bit later on.

Watch your favorite Twitch streamers forge a new legacy into their very own fresh start worlds in Return to Aeternum.

There I made the relevant part easier to see for you.

By every single metric that has any value you are wrong.

@kebein no you are wrong on all points. RTA server were at a clear disadvantage compared to the day one FSS. Look up.

I have a character on a day one FSS, a RTA FSS and legacy server from release day.
The order of these advancement wise is:

day one FSS
lastly RTA FSS


You are incorrect and as I and many others have already stated, it is not worth our time to ‘try’ to help you understand something. Go re-read any of my past posts for clarification as the poster above me has clearly stated what is going on here with you:


This entire post of yours is negated here:

Continuing the discussion from [Notice] Fresh Start World and Return to Aeternum World Merges for All Regions - December 6th, 2022:

Additionally, you have NO access to metrics, other than your anecdotal experience. Which is exactly 1 data point. AGS has metrics for ALL the FSW, RTA and Legacy servers, but you claim to know more than them? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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No fruitful contribution again, but at least your repeated posting keeps the thread active.

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So let me get this straight… Your argument here is that AGS said something, so we should believe them, and not believe our own eyes? Because this whole incident has really shown that they should be taken at their word? This is ridiculous.

If they want to share the metrics they’re using to make this judgment with us, they can. They chose not to, and since they’re going back on their word by doing this, then in the absence of transparency it’s perfectly reasonable to assume they’re wrong or lying.


wheren’t we gonna get news this week? Well it’s only 2 days left… Just merge us already or give us a transfer token or something

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Almost 6 days and no solutions. The Devs isn’t giving shit to us. This is the true. RTA servers are already dead and the last players are quitting. Thank you AGS, you lied to us! We pay to play this!

@Aenwyn @Luxendra SHAME ON YOU!

But it was more important for AGS to live up to their word and NOT merge RTA to Legacy correct?

The ramifications of that demand were never even thought about were they?

yes, correct for sure. I’d rather be here asking for a merge with another FSS, as predicted and promised, than they’ve merged with the legacy and I have to delete the character and uninstall the game. I think you’re having a little trouble understanding our demand buddy :slight_smile:

Why would you have delete and uninstall if merged to legacy?

And ill take the dupe argument away because FSS got duped yesterday.

Would delete because the AGS officially be breaking a promise made to RTA players. I have no interest in playing something produced by a team that can’t be trusted. If they lied on that, who can guarantee that they won’t lie on future promises?

Legacy has more than 1 year ahead of the FSS and most of this period with the old system of gold sharing between cities where the few guilds that kept the main cities in their hands benefited, concentrating the gold and giving much more advantages to a select few group of players.

We return to the game on the RTA with a promise of a fresh start away from things that kept us away from the legacy servers. It doesn’t make any sense to go back to a server that many of us have abandoned in the past.

Apart from the fact that new players arriving NW today will prefer to play on fresh servers, so the legacy player base tends to get more and more “old” while the FSS players will be more susceptible to being oxygenated by new people.

All companies lie. All of them because its in their best interest. But I see your point.

I see your point here also. Changes to this system has been made and more are on the way to keep rhis from being a problem. At some point FSS will be the same.

But you could be playing the game with changes to correct the problems you see.

A lot of legacy players went to FSS and played up through at least level 25 to see the new experience. I did. Then they went back to legacy. And FSS population has been dropping ever since.

FSS isnt really what you claim it to be IMHO.

I cane see we are still be left out to dry…

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