Please Give RTA Participants an opportunity to transfer to Fresh Start Servers ASAP (explained with reasoning) --

Okay, let’s see…

  • Players want to play with their friends/ community who rolled on fresh that didn’t get a key

Why didn’t they create a character on FSS?
Why can’t their friends help them get leveled up?
There are still many FSS that have the ability to roll a new character

  • Inflated economy

not anymore

  • Long-established communities/ war rosters (rosters are more or less politically driven)

Again if this is the case, why didn’t they create a character on an FSS?

  • PvPing against players with multiple literal perfect gear sets

I don’t see how this is an argument for changing literally everything AGS had disclosed before RTA started

  • Much more difficulty finding people/groups for low-end progression (low level mutators for example) since you’re not progressing with majority of the server.

Low end progression is easy now - you can hit 30 in less than a day if you are playing even half of what you played on RTA
Roll a new toon on FSS your friends will help

  • Some players already have perfect legacy characters and completely defeats the purpose of starting fresh in the first place.

Then why are they wanting to transfer to FSS?

Just some counter points

I’ll even pay for a transfer to legacy.

RTA is officially no different than a FSS as of this morning. Now, with any FSS that has a low pop, a merge /transfer to another FSS is considered a next step.

They already officially stated that FSS will never merge with legacy. Also, the other RTA servers are in different regions so merging RTAs is out of the question.

No need to bring counter arguments that differentiate RTA from FSS as that has already been settled.

So just let the RTA peeps move to another FSS.

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Okay, by that logic they should never be able to move to another FSS

Because FSS can only transfer to Legacy

GG wp

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So how do you handle any other FSS that have low pop in the future? You don’t let the world die. There is only 1 avenue really.

Open to suggestions.

I think this covers all that

Q: Can players in Fresh Start Worlds transfer to another Fresh Start World?

A: Not at this time.

Q: If the Fresh Start World population drops, does that mean it’ll be merged on a legacy server or will it be merged with another fresh server?

A: We will never merge any Fresh Start Worlds into legacy worlds.

Q: Are Fresh Start Worlds the same as Return to Aeternum Worlds?

A: We will be releasing Fresh Start Worlds at the same time as Return to Aeternum Worlds. At the start, Return to Aeternum servers will be reserved for event participants, but once Return to Aeternum ends, they will be accessible to the public.

Now back to me…

RE: RTA being Fresh Start - they are not the same, RTA were event servers that would open to public later

There is an update from this morning as seen in the screenshot. RTA worlds will now be treated as FSS. So drop that counter already. They were different during the event but not anymore.

The QA doesn’t speak to Fresh to Fresh mergers if population drops. It talks about legacy only.

As for transfers, it says not at this time which can change based on need.

Not sure why you are pushing so hard against it to go out of your way to do so.


I didn’t see this announcement, then if they decide to allow FS to merge, i’m okay with it. Appreciate you sharing.

But the Transfer option then doesn’t exist for all RTA players (at this time), their only hope (currently) is mergers unless transfers come first.

Not pushing hard, I was basing it on info I had read and clearly missed some, so appreciate you sharing this

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We did create a character on an FSS server… RtA servers were all Fresh Start. They started Fresh.

You’re talking about a subject that is actually important to us but you are for some reason arguing against it despite it having no consequence on your experience in NW just because you can, why?

Why do you assume that this information was disclosed to us beforehand? Because it was up somewhere, where it is not even highlighted, we should’ve known?

Do you think that is how things work if say this was a legal matter?

Do you think CLEARLY INDICATED refers to something that’s on the FAQ on a website you dont have to access ever in order to participate or play the game in general? There’s signs at the entrance of stores for a reason, you have to walk by them. Clearly Indicated would mean that we had to click a box after reviewing.

Also same question as none of your points actually have a personal impact on you… it’s all why didnt you do this (some of which we did) …

Literally all of your arguments are ‘its not so bad’ … none of them are this is how it will negatively affect my gameplay. At least Klas had some substance?

if its important to us and its not important to you why do you care? 'Well you guys should’ve been on the forums and known and it was posted somewhere on the internet ngghiven fixes glasses you should… ’

Hey bud we’re all here to have fun I don’t wanna ruin anyone else’s experience, why are you? Whether or not we should’ve known, the fact is we have a situation here where we have handicapped characters (compared to other FSS) on a server with way too low of a population for the game to work.

You’ve put this way more elegantly than I did in my post, major props to you as I’ve decided to request my topic to be closed in order to promote yours in a healthier light than I could have.

I think many people fail to realize that this oversight doesn’t lie with RTA participants, as they sacrificed a lot of time and effort into ensuring this event wasn’t a complete failure. If this situation with players from other regions being stranded on RTA servers is acknowledged but not rectified by allowing RTA to transfer, then I will repost my topic but until then I’ll just have faith that they’ll make right of the situation.

I’d also like to thank all of the streamers for coordinating and leading their communities to benefit everyone, despite how I personally feel about the challenges we were given and how they didn’t really show off the aspects of the game that make it special.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next.


streamer servers are open! HYPE

The next lowest server has over 3x as many people playing on it currently.

I’ll be as clear as I can be wrt to my points:

What question?

You can read it as you like, but my arguments do have substance in that they show that the points being made were moot at best.

It is important to me that is why I am wasting my time responding to your condescending mightier than thou self.

I didn’t know forums were an experience, if so, please stop ruining mine by crying about RTA. And the fact is: 1. you should have known 2. You had ample opportunity to create a character on the other FSS prior to event start. 3. with the announcement today, until they say you can transfer from FS to FS, please stop posting about RTA.

You are literally supporting my point. You created characters on a server and are now whining about being scammed and how unfair things are that you cannot transfer out now that RTA has ended when it was clearly posted by devs that there were no fresh start transfers and no date given for when this would happen. :smirk:

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klas it seems you are hellbent on making sure other people cant enjoy the game because you do

i’ve explained myself pretty well in this topic if u read the comments and people cant even make a counter arguement about my concerns if they allow transfers,so its not about me being enjoying something,its about what would happen if they allow transfers.

Here is your counter argument:

Its LITERALLY no different from a merge happening to your server from a low pop one.

Happens all the time, for the same reasons something should be happening here.

Its a shame you dont seem to have an ounce of understanding for those of us in this situation.

Absolutely Waifus

I appreciate you helping promote this post. At the end of the day I just want everyone to enjoy New World.

If the RTA servers ended up being just as healthy as the other FSS servers at this current state, I don’t think there would be any issues regarding this situation.

But things change, and AGS are the only ones who can help us right now.

Fingers crossed that we can come to a solution soon.


Actually, I do. :wink: And ignorance or a misunderstanding is not a valid excuse to legally get out of something. Or are you suggesting there was fraudulent misrepresentation that resulted in you making a character on an RTA server and you have suffered some type of loss? If so, might be a bit difficult to argue since Devs clearly posted that there would be no fresh start server transfers and gave no date for when this would happen.

It was common sense for most of us seeing the Dev posts about no server transfers that we didn’t want to be stuck on a streamer server that would likely see a huge drop in the player base once the RTA was over and the streamers moved on to other games.

I suggest all the RTA people just play the game like everyone else and once those transfers become available for ALL of us, transfer to wherever you little hearts desire. Just stop playing the victim card.