Please Give RTA Participants an opportunity to transfer to Fresh Start Servers ASAP (explained with reasoning) --

Yep, that’s the whole reason I’m here. Welcome to the thread, @Coded ! :rofl: :joy: :man_facepalming:

Earlier you wrote "I’m not dedicating much, at all, of my time to this thread. I’m simply trying to elucidate the point that the volume of posts about this issue affecting a “handful of people” is unnecessary and detracts from larger issues that affect the whole games population, not just the “ handful of people” on RTA servers. Those people have the option to pay for transfers, otherwise they should just wait until the transfer off option is enabled for them. Asking for anything more is asking for special treatment above all other players.

What exactly entitles this handful to special treatment? Nothing, in my opinion,"

So dont blame me for not believing you.

Mainly because it’s fun to needle you in particular, as you’re quite the dense fellow. But also because I don’t want RTA players to suffer for months on end like some of us legacy players have. AGS needs to be better about handling the same issue after 1+ year of it.

cool well hopefully a mod sees that you are just intentionally trolling here and bans you then

Thankfully, I’m not trolling, per the community guidelines. Also, see my above edit.

They were not even referred to as ‘fresh start servers’ until just recently, they were always referred to as RTA servers. HUGE difference as RTA servers had the streamer competitions, FSS did not, RTA servers were not open to the public and needed a private invite, FSS did not. Not even apples and oranges, more like apples and zucchini.

Devs stated that no transfers would be available and gave no date for when this would happen so difficult to suggest they are slow when it was stated it was not available.

Right there, you said it. Get them to ‘change’ their stance. The devs clearly stated no transfers would be available and all the RTA people are now crying foul and want them to ‘change’ their stance. Most of us have no issue with people asking the devs to reconsider and push out the transfer option as soon as possible, we just have an issue with all the entitled demanding declaring that AGS ‘scammed’ them on something that was previously indicated would not be available.

The original post in this thread talks about AGS ‘taking advantage of players’ for not allowing them to transfer when it was clearly stated there would be NO TRANSFERS so difficult for many of us to get past all the BS being slung at AGS. The same people declaring that AGS should have anticipated the drop off in population are excusing their own actions in rolling on these servers stating they did not know the population would drop once the streamers left? :roll_eyes: A lot of these RTA players complaining are ‘content creators’ and fully know how cyclical population drops can be, especially when the big streamers (many of which declared all along this was temporary) exited after the end of the competition.

I suggest all the RTA players that ‘elected’ to roll on an RTA server rather than a Fresh Start server that now want to transfer, continue to politely ask AGS to consider rolling out transfer options for them. Please just stop blaming AGS for not having transfers available when it was clearly stated before they created their characters, that transfers would not be available. All those complaining could have had a level 60 character by now on a fresh server had they invested the time in playing rather than playing victim on the forum for a decision that was entirely in their hands.

AGS is glacially slow and they have been for the 1+ year I have been playing. Your commentary does not change that and added nothing to this discussion.

My comment was regarding what I quoted- your statement suggesting they are slow in context to this discussion- transfers. I thought it was pretty clear that I was referring to transfers when I stated that devs already indicated that transfers would not be available so they cannot be slow on it. And yes, my statement did add to the discussion, even if the point flew over your head.

Except they did indicate already, that transfers would be at a later time, but only from FSS → Legacy, therefore you continue to be inaccurate and add nothing of value to the conversation, again. :joy: :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:

Devs indicated that transfers were not available for FSS to FSS, but implied that they would be available at some point in the future. Are you somehow now suggesting they are slow at something designated for an ‘undisclosed later time’? :roll_eyes:

A few months from now, maybe you can suggest they are slow at these transfers that were never promised (actual stated would not happen) when RTA ended.

That’s not what I suggested or intimated with my statements, whatsoever. Better luck next time, champ. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Like the other person suggested, your logic (or lack of) is difficult to follow sometimes so we often have to guess at what your actual points might be. :wink:

Which is interesting, because you don’t even bother to READ my statements in the context they were posted, then try attack the statement cluelessly, just as you have done, yet again. So much for you and the other poster understanding “logic”. :joy:

That was my point, it is difficult for some of us to understand any context in some of your posts but rest assured, I do read everything and I even quote what I am responding to.

At this point, I think I agree with the other poster that suggested you are a troll and attempting to have a productive discussion with you is a waste of time. My replies are sometimes coming 3 days late as I am playing New World. You should try jumping off the forum and into the game and play a little, not a bad game. Happy gaming

I’m playing as I type back to you. My comments, in context, were easily and clearly understood to mean that AGS is glacially slow at responding to issues, except when they had to shut down the TP because of rampant gold and item dupes early on after release, they were pretty quick to shut down the TP, not as quick to re-open it. The context was quite clear then, hopefully it will be clearer now. Expecting a reply, during a holiday week, and the amount of whinging on the forums about a “handful of players” (read earlier in the thread), is in no way proportionate to the actual seriousness of the issue.

This deserves a bump today :slight_smile:

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Lux just said literally a minute ago from me writing this that there are STILL no plans for FSS merges. Absolutely unreal.

imagine just killing a character slot for 100s of people who wanted to help out on the event server. good job AGS…

AGS, please consider RTA server merges sooner rather than later. We need this or at least more communication on a plan or thought process for these servers. We are just left in the dark. How are these servers (such as Titan) expected to survive? We can’t even maintain our cities due to the income being low. We can’t level our trade skills without crafting stations. There’s not enough population for OPR/ 3v3s either. It’s a mess and we just need your help. Any communication of a plan would be much appreciated.


Were they ever expected to survive since they were stood up for a very short event?

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