Please Give RTA Participants an opportunity to transfer to Fresh Start Servers ASAP (explained with reasoning) --

Pls save us, Server is dead…

-Nothing on TP
-Towns have no chance in Invasions
-Impossible to maintain a T5 station
-Capitals making 8k a week With an upkeep of 80k+
-No oprs
-2h+ 3v3 Qs
-We’re far behind any other fresh start servers due to all of the above


Please help!

Titan specifically is dying. I’m sure theres people like us on the other servers as well.

It’s impossible to do any content-- and more and more people are leaving everyday because of how stale its becoming which is making it worse.

I agree with @REVERY, a lot of people signed up for RTA without understanding that we’d be deserted after the event was over. And now we have all this time invested in characters with no option.


Please AGS give RTA server character’s the opportunity to transfer into any fresh start server, or at least merge us into one. We can’t even enjoy most of the end game content cause of our tiny server population. Takes like 1 full hour to kill the turkey because there’s only 4 people at most who’s fighting it at a time.


This is my favorite game, RTA brought me back to it and fired me up big time to play again. Titan is so dead that its hard to play on, we don’t even have the numbers to defend our towns from invasions, we have to beg in global for opr queues, we can’t even get multiple groups of 3 people to queue for arena. All of this kinda can be expected given the “streamer” nature of the server, people coming and going is fine. Those of us who made this character our own are now thrown by the wayside. I fully echo @REVERY and i don’t feel like anything he is asking is unreasonable, or detrimental to the other FSS servers. At the end of the day i just want to play with people that are current friends and make some new ones. This is already fizzling out in my immediate friend cause they can’t do expeditions or quest with anyone their level.

If i am stuck going to a server that is in the wake of massive duping or leveling again i will be hanging up this game. It’s been fun but the stoppage of RTA going to another FSS is a slap in the face to anyone who enjoyed the community aspect of the event, who grinded hard and gained mats to contribute. Your fans deserve much better AGS

Give Kloopi Doopi a shot to enjoy this game!


look at this mass,who wanted to play with streamers then their streamer quits server dies now they feel special for doing some quests and playing with x streamer asking transfers when ags said it wont happen.
stop spamming forum and next time read carefully when you are joining a server

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you are still giving people hope but ags already stated what will happen. what you are saying is not true as you know it even tho if you believe what u are saying

End of story,stop spamming this forum.

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Homies the one guy who reads Terms and Service before clicking


Why do you care? I mean are you against it simply because they said they wouldnt do it in a post no one was required or suggested to read before participating?

i’m against it because as soon as they allow transfers the hardcore companies which is playing on fresh will have a chance to hop on servers and kill the comptetion which will make most servers dying.
Its simple as it,u are not special than those other fresh players. If they allow you to do to that then others will ask.

Dont allow transfers then? Merge the servers?

Or only allow transfers from fresh start 1 time maybe even in a window of time.

There are no Mega Companys on RtA servers, sure there were a couple pvp companies, mostly Marauder on Titan but they wouldn’t hold a candle to the gear the companies have on other fresh start servers.

Like it was really hard to find groups the entire time, it’s quite the handicap to have 200 people as opposed to 2k people to play with… we had to farm basically all of our own mats, mats are … like any cooking mat is 6g a piece min right now

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Merge is an option but merge also breaks the balance,as i said as soon as they allow transfers things will be bad → people lose wars → some people gets bench = quits → guilds that doesnt want to compete against stronger guilds leaving the server → server keeps bleeding → top guilds switching to other server so they can enjoy a content since people give up on declaring them → its a cycle there is a reason why a lot of legacy players quitted after the transfer.

RTA servers are dead. We grinded our a**es for the event and now we will be expected to play a server that cant maintain a T5 station. People think we will have an advantage going into other FSS servers despite having to farm low level dungeons 500 times and fishing 50hrs so they could get their special red weapons. Ags and the streamers took advantage of their audiences and we will just have to remember this and never contribute to an ags event again.


Your logic is immensely flawed and displays how narrow your perception is.


Instead of making a proper arguement its easier to talk like that,but from what i’ve seen your posts as soon as u cant defend urself u go delusional mode so no need.

Fresh start servers and RTA ones share the same type of population, mostly people who quitted the game shortly after launch cause they didn’t like to grind to be semi competent in pvp and people who didn’t know what a MMO is. Im not saying all of those playing in these servers are like this, but i bet a huge majority is.

So no surprise RTA are already dead and won’t surprise me neither when in a couple of weeks the population of FSS is much lower than Legacy ones.

At the end in a couple months max, both FSS and Legacy will be exactly the same in terms of economy and players gear.

So obviously best choice if you want stable population is create your new character in a Legacy server.

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RtA was never alive.

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Hey bud, I hear you’re quite the legend on continuously posting on all of the RtA transfers to FSS advocating against it – since you have this kind of time on your hands, I am curious as to why you are so against it in hopes you may have a legitimate reason I may not have thought of :slight_smile:

“look at this mass,who wanted to play with streamers then their streamer quits server dies now they feel special for doing some quests…”

  • I know this may blow your mind but, what if we just wanted to participate in the event to help players like yourself unlock those drops? Regardless of wanting to play with any of the streamers?

“…and playing with x streamer asking transfers when ags said it wont happen.”

  • Can you please find me definitive statements from AGS prior to the RtA event saying so? All these beautiful screenshots you keep posting are all within the last few days on previous RtA → FSS forums posts. Thanks!

Going to burst your bubble here big guy, let me tell you how this works from someone who led a dominate company for months –

  1. Super-companies being curated have absolutely nothing to do with servers and transfers. If every single good player dropped their respective companies on your server, the same results would take place. I know this because it has happened before. These things happen because its on the PLAYERS, not the servers.

  2. Because this was a Limited Time Event I think its extremely valid that this could in fact, be a one-time thing – this does NOT mean it will open up transfers from FSS → FSS. Also keep in mind, at some point this will be inevitable. FSS → FSS merges/ transfers WILL happen when the servers start dying.

  3. Please keep bumping this forum, we need AGS to see this! Thanks!


you are not bursting anything pal,i’ve seen what happend on legacy players were quitting due to getting bench or losing wars constantly this has happend after they allowed transfers companies which didnt had comptetion were moving servers which resulting servers keep dying all the time.

He’ll just post an image of a post by luxendra that he has misinterpreted because he doesn’t have all the information and doesn’t know English.

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