Please Give RTA Participants an opportunity to transfer to Fresh Start Servers ASAP (explained with reasoning) --

you are not bursting anything pal,i’ve seen what happend on legacy players were quitting due to getting bench or losing wars constantly this has happend after they allowed transfers companies which didnt had comptetion were moving servers which resulting servers keep dying all the time.

– People were quitting the game because the game was in a bad state, due to consistent bugs/ exploits, dupes, mass imbalances etc. All while other games were releasing i.e. Lost Ark

In a progression-style game, this is detrimental.


i am not talking about those players which quitted because of lag/desync kinda thing.
I am talking about when the game was in good state and they allowed transfers,most servers keep dying because of the reason I’ve said,companies that were swapping server as soon as they got bored which resulting servers dying.

Imagine a server where a company dominates this makes other guilds leaving to find a better balanced server for their comptetion this makes the server bleeding players. The top company gets bored after awhile transfers to another server which finds attractive → taking main cities → guilds that cant fight transfer away from them → top company ends up getting bored again → transfers to another server. It’s been like this,what happens is players who joins top companies while guilds that lose players ends up either quitting or moving all the time. I know many players quitted during this cycle.

I dont have to say anything more,if they allow fresh to fresh transfers this will happen there as well.

LOLOL holy

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You are confused. We want RTA servers merged or transferred to FSS. We aren’t asking for all FSS servers to be able to xfer between each other.

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I am not confused as i said since rta become a just like another fresh server,if u guys get a transfer then others will ask too,its simple as it.
Merging rta servers is a better option.

@klas I understand your concern but our server pop is 90 people.

We cant do 3s, we cant do opr, we cant do wars, we cant even upgrade our towns to T5 because the territories are 100k in upkeep and only make 5k a week. And nobody does townboards.

Its impossible to find dungeon groups too, or mats on the trading post to do professions or gear up.

Understanding that this experience is really bad for those players, what do you suggest? Theres a lot of people here that wanted the fresh start experience and are stuck on this server. Most of them already have legacy characters, and they rolled on this server to help with the event AND have the fresh experience.


Except it isn’t like any other FSS. Our pop was locked behind keys and stifled from the very beginning. We were constantly put behind FSS because we had to grind challenges. Making a special case for RTA xfers or mergers is completely different from allowing all FSS to xfer.


I understand ur problems but as you would know a streamer servers doesnt last enough and ags made it clear that they wont be allowing transfers,its not up to me anyway.

I am not against you guys. I am just point out that what would happen if they allow transfers,even tho ur position is bad atm due to being on a dying server.

Its not like I am doing the decision guys,i’m just point out my concern for fresh servers.

And if no one rolled on these servers you wouldn’t get your drops and would be flaming ags and their failed event.


If the server wasn’t “locked” for two weeks, I think the server wouldve been in a much healthier state.

And ya, we’re not saying open transfers to everyone. We’re just saying save the people who are stuck by either merging us once, or allowing us to move to a new fresh start home.


The game is literally unplayable for all of these people stuck there, and nobody wants to spend a hundred+ hours re-leveling and re-progressing a new fresh start character when they already have one that they put a lot of time and energy into.



Thank you for sharing your opinion about RTA transfer.

Although there is no information about the opportunity to transfer from RTA servers to any other servers, I am sending your request to the team.

Thank you for your support and love for the game.


Awesome Gamerman, much appreciated. As with any game there’s a lot of in game stigma about forums never drawing attention, but AGS CMs continue to impress.




Hello @Gamerman !

I really appreciate you taking the time to read & respond to this post and forwarding it to the team!

Many of us on the RtA servers are hopeful the AGS will do what is right for the game and its players! As a friendly reminder, time is of the essence here as we aren’t able to do some aspects of the game currently to progress our characters due to low population – (i.e. Unable to up-keep territories + crafting stations, lack of dungeon groups/ mutators, unsuccessful invasion clears, no Wars, OPRS etc.

I’d be happy to answer any further questions/ concerns if need be, and will do whatever is needed to ensure these players get to continue a fair fresh New World experience!

Thank you!


So now that RTA is over, everyone that did it wants to whine about not being able to do something that was clearly indicated would not happen if they ‘elected’ to participate in RTA? priceless


Why not just merge all the RTA servers into one, then y’all can play with each other and it will still be like a FSS? :man_shrugging: Otherwise, just suck it up and pay the $15 for transfers like the rest of us had to. Or delete the character and re-roll on FSS.

Where was that stated? The only things they’ve stated is that RtA are fresh start and that fresh start would have eventually transfers. They will also merge FSWs if they were need, they also said they wouldn’t merge FSW into “legacy”.

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Here’s the thing champ, we’ll just go quit again and overall pop will continue to fall as it did before lol.

Especially seeing as how this community treats those who do work for them.

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