Please give us an update?

What he tries to tell you is that you going to fast burning the game and then we will see you here crying that there is nothing to do…

Hardly fast burning the gamer when I’m doing skills?

You talk absolute trash, I was levelling my professions and also using the market place and funding for my faction to obtain areas if you’re going to dictate what I’ll do in the future sit down and accept you’re wrong.

I’m just saying, I feel like people may be slightly overreacting to the issue. Just my opinion though. I’ve seen a lot of hate towards this game and the devs and a lot of trash talk about this launch but in reality is it really as bad as people are making it out to be. I guess everyone’s perception and experience over the past 1.5 days has been different. At the end of the day, I do hope your experience gets better, I’m just trying to bring some positivity towards the game because there has been a lot of negativity.

Yes overacting the issue that AMAZON who literally fund servers to the American govement and host a 3rd of all servers can’t make servers larger than 2k populace size take the straw out your mouth its cringe, theirs no overreacting its simple facts their literally shooting themselves in the foot.

There you go. 51 new Server for EU created today:

**[quote=“Lito, post:35, topic:271377, full:true”]
There you go. 51 new Server for EU created today:



Woweee thanks so much for servers I’m not going to play on because I’ve got an established server I’ve put time into???

Increase the cap its not rocket science.

Yes it is. And if everyone with “their” server thinks like you, we will have crying people in this forum until we have a server cap of 20.000.

Sorry I’m established in a guild I’m in and have friends on??? Get the straw out bro why don’t you move to one of the new servers you’ll be wanted their.

I moved to a new server immediately so that I could play the game that I bought. I also decided it would be a good idea to not overshoot and go all in on a server before knowing how things were going to pan out. Sometimes you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

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its worsez today the yesterday people that work overday cant play at al becoure 2500 are waiting for you and then it get 12 pm and you get in and at 5 am i have to go work so almost no play time for people that work our have real live . i miss sub games atleast lots of those FTP gamers would not go there . Maybe the should make Sub server for those that wont to pay 10 euro every month .then the make some money to hire more employes. IT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

Your comment makes no sense reasonability of my own actions for playing a game I purchased???

The reasonability is on them not me LOL

So you just do things without thinking or planning because a company set up a process for you to follow (ie. This game)? It’s widely known that there are going to be issues typically bugs and server issues during a launch of a game this big. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to sit back for a minute and see how it goes before diving in headfirst without looking around.

4am West coast, I wake up early, decided to play, still a 1.5 hour que time.

This is getting ridiculous and seems to be no update from them.


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what an actual goddamn moron. You’re the type of guy to pay people behind a dumpster just to pleasure them.

They have already stated more servers are being added and they are looking into raising caps. I really hope they don’t raise the caps to 5k players because I don’t think the map itself can handle it right now. There would be queues like world of Warcraft when their legacy servers came out and people were physically lining up to kill mobs. It’s only been a couple days just because they have Amazon in their name doesn’t mean they have access to all the funds and resources that actual amazon has.

What’s the use of new servers if you can’t transfer your character? Are you suggesting I start the game from scratch?

The only issue is getting booted from the queue and needing to rejoin, often much further down the queue. That is frustrating and in their control.

Actually needing to queue though… What do they update you on?

Thank you for your input.

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I have a simple solution for you.

If you aren’t happy waiting in line for the popular server you choose, move to a lower population server so you can get in instantly.