Please give us incentives to join and test out the PTR

Currently me and my friends have only negatives to join the PTR we would only spoil the fun we would get at launch and it would destroy the first time experience.

But i also get the need for a PTR for a smoother lesser bugged launch but if we are to sacrifice our first time experience give us something in return my suggestions would be Titles similar to warmonger or Cosmetics

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Good idea, but since this last PTR will be very long on line, a good incentive would be to allow us to transfer the new created character to the official server (having a free slot in addition to the main character) at the end of the last PTR test phase. That’s would be interesting i think.

Hello hello. I think this is a good idea. It would encourage players to help out with PTR and feel as though they have something to show for their assistance.

I’ll forward your idea to the Development team!

@Nerdocraft Thank you for the suggestion and for contributing to the topic. :slight_smile:

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I would love to be of use on the ptr but I don’t know what to look for, i suppose that means I am not very helpful because my first thought is that an issue is a one off and not a bug, lol. would you all prefer I just report everything that doesn’t seem to be operating correctly or would you want me to solely run the new area and quests for an hour and see what I see? I would feel more incentive to do it if I got some skins or furniture or something that isn’t op but makes me feel better about “wasting time” in ptr. I would love gypsum that would transfer, like any gypsum I get in ptr I get in the real game, but I guess I’m just not altruistic enough to play ptr just to help…I also deleted it because it was taking up too much space on my ssd, so maybe that’s also why I want an incentive to do it. Lol

Heya, thanks for adding to the discussion! I think it’s understandable that some players would like to see some sort of incentive for helping out.

The Devs have a list for prioritized feedback here: PTR: Welcome and Thank you - Revamped Starting Experience and Greatsword.

In that thread, there is a general bug and feedback link as well. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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The leveling system is awesome! I’m very impressed with leveling up to 25 so far. The instruments and weapons being laid around to pick up makes it way better and the story and quests are way more captivating than before. Are we getting an option later to just automatically be lvl 60 or I stuck leveling all the way up before I can try brimstone sanda?

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