Please give us something other then Arena's for the long weekend

Hi all :stuck_out_tongue:

I was super duper excited for a double XP long weekend! (crafting, refining, and weapons).
But no! We get constant server reboots and a very unstable patch thus far.

Please please give us something! Crafting is broken again…how about a little nice gesture and Oh I don’t know. Do what you said 2 weeks ago? Double XP soon? What is soon in your mind? Soon is not 2+ weeks.



I was hoping for double XP this weekend also.

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I was as well

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I was waiting for Depths mutation but its not on

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We cant have 2 months content in a single weekend… have to wait more

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Should rotate in on Tue.

For long week end:
-new mutation: not on
-double xp: not on
-arena: capped

have a nice long week end

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Well AGS has decided they only cater to PVP now so the rest of us get nothing.

Definitely disappointing.

was looking forward to the depths mutation… guess I’ll be playing v rising most of this weekend :man_shrugging:t3:

LOL it’s typical with this crew running the updates. Break a ton of stuff leave for the long weekend. LOL

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AGS already stated awhile back that 2X Xp will be in June.

i missed that. Can you post a link to that annoucement please?


Np Pen

Double Great Cleave PvP faction mission rewards!

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