Please help players block bad behavior

I have reported countless Gold Sellers, in-game. In fact, when I started reporting them, the “SPAM” option was the only option for doing so. Now, there is a “Selling Coin” option. Despite having reported many of these, I see several problems.

  1. The seller continue to spam the channels for a long-time. So, whatever AI/automation is in-play, it isn’t working well.
    2, I’ve never gotten so much as a THANK YOU (let alone any in-game recognition (e.g., gold, title, items, etc.) for being a good citizen.
  2. I never know if it does any good. I typically BLOCK the seller, but I learned there is a 200 person block limit. So, I stopped that. But today, I reported a seller, and they continued to spam the channels for at least 2 hours.
  3. I worry that poking my head up, out of game, may bring down the wrath to me in-game from either the gold sellers or trolls. Who knows. I don’t know that it is or isn’t a reasonable concern. But, there seem to be no communication or protections in place to insure that it can’t happen. Make sense?
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