Please improve the game forums

This has been said before but bears repeating: Improve these forums. Add categories beyond the general ones. Add spec related forums for Tanks, DPS and Heals; maybe some server forums or at least regional forums. Company recruitment forums.

Also improve the forum’s functionality. If you put someone on ignore why can the ignored individual continue to see your posts and comment? Ignore should work both ways. Thank you AGS.


Hey there, Broomhilda!

Thanks for your suggestion, it seems that this is usually a “hot topic”, some users feel as if this would split the categories too much and leave some categories behind.

What do you think about “megathreads” for things like healing/tanking, etc?

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I mean if you look at “General Discussion” it’s basically another “Game Feedback” section since all of the post are complaints. Right now I only go to Reddit to talk about the actual game. The entire forum is basically just used to complain about the game right now. General Discussion needs to be split into more categories so people don’t use it for game feedback. Would love to have another place actually talk about in-game stuff on these forums. Not just complaining (which I also take part in).

Also while I’m here, make it so the post people delete (like the one I deleted above) don’t say “post deleted by author” if it was deleted within X minutes. I deleted it 1 minute after it was created. It’s just useless clutter.

Megathreads would be fine if it all made sense. I think it would be easier to follow if say there is a spec megathread. At least I know that if I want to talk tanking builds, that would be the place to go even if there are posts related to healer or dps builds. Having just ONE main General Discussion thread its easy to lose track of your posts and the topics are too varied. Thanks!

Thank you both for your suggestions, I’ll forward this thread and your ideas to the development team.

Have a great day!

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