Please Increase Drop Rate/Chance for Outpost Rush Specific Armor

After well over 100+ games, I can confidently say the drop rate on the “rusher” armor sets is TOO LOW. I have never received a single piece of any of the armor sets, nor have any of my friends who also have played countless rounds.

We almost feel like it HAS to be a bug, yet we know ONE person that got a single piece before, so we are basically at a loss. It’d be nice to obtain some of the armors after so many games of praying for something to drop.

I believe the gear is practically unobtainable, and after seeing so much of it in the trailers leading up to release, it is a shame nobody can appreciate the work that went into making them.

If anyone important reads this, please understand that the main point is after 100+ games with nothing to show for it, something isn’t right, and something should change.


Wait there are outpost rush armor pieces? lol


That’s most of my friends responses lol. Some of them look pretty sweet. Here’s an example of one of the sets. I think it’s pretty sweet, and I’d like to see more of it. I believe the chances are too low. I JUST got my first ever piece of rusher armor after at least 100 games and I know one person that has gotten a piece of this set.

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