Please increase visibility for group members

As an active PvP-er it is almost impossible to keep track of your teammates because the only thing that differentiates your group members from the others is a small colored diamond next to their nametag that doesnt show up half the time.

(Perhaps keep their names force loaded on screen and make the whole nametag the color of their diamond)


Group members should be perma nameplated with the option to turn it off.


Would be nice. Weird that it functions different from the open world.

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Left feedback about this, hopefully sooner than later they will implement this. They have to split name plates. Enemy, friendlies, company, party, no name only icon. These things should be customisable its basic mmo stuff…


This was bought up so many times on here and also in game feedback … as a healer I found this extremely frustrating but still nothing is done… below are some post from before… Good luck getting something out of this one

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@Luxendra Not sure who to add for visibility but can you please add this for a QoL fix please. Thanks!

I’m sure they’ll add this by the time the game leaves Alpha.

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