Please just remove Luck/Gathering Luck perks on gears! Hear me out!

Luck gears are literally required in PVE such as chest runs, elite boss farm, and gathering. If we want rare items we gotta wear them. But they’re totally useless in PVP. I want to turn on pvp while I gather, but shit man I’m wearing green gathering luck gears with no other perks and messed up stats. Meanwhile, i have full 600 GS with exact stats I want + perks for my weapon skill not being used when gathering! Do we really need to invest 5 set of luck gears with right stats and pvp perks just to gather and pvp at the same time? The 30% boost boost is WAY too big to miss out. I have to have them on, but risk getting owned by ppl cuz I’m wearing my gathering gear!

Another big problem (actually my main concern) with luck gears is they’re a HUGE MESS for our inventory and storage. My storages thru out my 3 houses are FULL of gears. They’re so messy they give me a headache just looking at them. I like to spice things up and switch weapons a lot. I have easily over 100 luck gears spreading across my storages. Not even including my fishing set, stonecutting set, leatherworking set, weave set, arcanist crafting set, jewelcrafting set, armorer crafting set, engineering crafting set, MOTHER F*&*CKING SETS AFTER SETS. Excuse my language.

I don’t know a good way to fix this messy problem. But I think the trophy and food are already good way to improve luck, why the hell we need more and need to have so many set of luck gears? Maybe just increase the luck on trophies and food a little more and remove the luck perks on gears? The gathering tools are already good. How about adding gathering luck into one of the card selection in territory standing? I duno… I just think there MUST have a better way around this. Any suggestions from you guys??


I think there should be a gear set that increases all gathering skills not one specific one. Maybe make it a legendary quest or with legendary mats. And then be able to change the attributes like you can with faction gear.


Yea one set for all is good to me. Whatever it takes to clear up inventory and storage space, and ease up gear swapping. It is just too messy. Not to mention if I die every set in my inventory lose durability. That makes me so frustrated. But I still think that removing these gears completely wouldn’t HURT anyone. It makes everyone’s life much easier. The Food, Trophies, and Gathering tool to me are already enough. Maybe they just need to change something to them a little to go with their algorithm.

PvP bonus was introduced so players who want to PvP can also farm materials.
If you want to wear the luck gear and PvP at the same time, it means you’'re geedy. The game should not favor goblins who obsess with virtual income.

Luck gear exists to enhance gathering professions and can help players roleplay different jobs in the game, such as lumberjack, miner, etc. Having one set of geat to cover all professions will destroy role identity in the game economy. It’s like asking for armor with all 5 stats on it, which I can’t even begin to explain how bad that is.

New World needs quality of life improvements sure, but what you’re asking is to oversimply an interesting system into a boring one.


people spend money on this gear and you want it removed? cmon bruh

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Even before pvp bonus I find it annoying to have 5 set of gears in my inventory. If you want to play the role play game, we shouldn’t be able to hold all 5 luck sets in our inventory. It defeats the purpose of different jobs in the game. Is like one second I’m a miner profession, and next second I swap to logging gears I’m a logging master now. What is the point? The whole design is flawed already. I just think there must be a better way to fix this. I think adding each gathering luck to one of the standing territory card selections is cool idea. That bring out more of role playing to me.

I personally bought shit ton of them… I don’t mind losing every single piece if there is better design to the luck gears. I even bought a ring with LUCK and Crit chance for $15k, and I CAN"T even use it for my strength class or dex class. Cuz that ring is full int, for my mage build. lmao

So obsessed with money you buying items for real life currency.

I do not think that is an awesome idea. Hear me out. This makes it basically mandatory to be flagged if you want to loot chests. Not every player wants that. Half the player base is playing mostly a PvE game. And they are already mad about the insane flagging luck bonus that has been added to flagging lately.

Every piece of gear you put on should have an upside and a downside. there shall not be a perfect set. its rock paper scissors - you cant have it all.

You make a good point though when talking about the inventory mess that as you say is actually your main concern. the different gear sets we all schlepp with us and how unorganized it is sucks, yes. I currently carry 136 (!) pieces of armor gear in my inventory! Gear for harvesting, for mining, for luck, for leveling, different weapons, so much jewelry. A solution that has been requested since at least the closed beta is the ability to make gear presets. There you would put all the pieces of gear, armor, jewelry, weapons, etc together and set it as a preset - instead of staring at the inventory for 5 minutes, trying to use clever search queries and sorting options. This way you would be able to change presets with one click.

I suggest you support the posts for better inventory/storage management if that is your main concern. Cause you are right. It’s bad. Really bad.

Thats it. Cheers

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