Please let me play when it suits me

First, I was sceptic to the changes with Gypsum and expertise system but I must say it turned out ok.

The issueI have is the cooldown. I didn’t get a group for portals until like 02.00 first night so now I have to stay up a long time if I wanna do portals (yes yes I know I can skip portals a day and then do them a better time next day (If I find a group).

I think it would be better if all daily quests and chests were resetted like 03.00 in the night and all weekly cooldowns were resetted on a specific day.

That way you still can do them once a day but you can do them in the order you find groups…

What do you guys think?


You can also do two OPR for enough Ruby Gypsum to make one, you can also kill 3 elites for Onyx, you can level a gathering expertise for an Emerald, you can kill arena or expedition bosses for Citrine, you can loot the Event trees for Diamond, etc, etc. There are more ways to get gypsum than portals.


I 100% Agree with this, it would be much easier to plan around a consistent reset time of “x” time each day for everybody.


That is not the point of this complaint. It affects many things in the game not having a daily reset for everyone and messes up playing with friends quite often. There really isn’t an excuse for it to have been this way in the first place as most MMOs have a server wide daily reset.


Yes I know,
what I mean is it takes long time to do 2 OPR, a full chestrun, portals, crafting etc especially if you count the time to find groups and all…

With the current system you almost have to do them in the same order… to match the cooldowns…

On weekdays many ppl work so have to do the runs in the evening… but on weekends maybe you want to play in the morning and go to the pub in the evening… but in the morning everything is on cooldown…

I think a fixed time reset would give more freedom to play how and when it suits you…

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Play whenever you want, do whatever you want. No one is forcing you to do anything.

I agree that a global reset would be better, but why have a cooldown on the gypsums themselves. If I want to do 100 portals in a day, why can’t I get dozens of gypsums for it? The cooldown on the orb will limit the amount of orbs I get in a day the same way it is now, but I’ll be able to choose what I want to do in a day and not be penalized for it. Right now, if we want all the gypsums, we need to do every activities every day. If we get rid of the cooldown on the gypsums, we could choose to the same activities but split the way we want during a week, not one of them each day.


So, I think this is a problem with a lot of people’s thinking. You are allowed to play how you want to. You can get your gear score up to 600 without doing 1 Gypsum, just like thousands of players already did before this new system went into place.

The gypsum system ADDED another way to increase your gear score. You do not need to do it and them adding it only helped you. You feel you are missing out on something because of the cooldowns, but that is your mentality not the game mechanics.


I had this same conversation last night, and I completely agree. Cooldowns need to have a set reset time instead of a timer. Having a timer forces player to schedule when they use their cooldowns instead of giving them the freedom to do them at their leisure.

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Agree. If we are going to have to repeat the same things over and over everyday a consistent server time reset makes sense. We should be able to play the game around IRL. Not the other way round.

Yea you can just skip and re-set to next day but you’ve got us hooked to knock this stuff out everyday! Lol

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The way a game is designed impact how people play the game, it’s just a fact. Players will always want to get the most out of a game. You’re not forced to do it, but you’re incentivized to do so. The incentives are the game mechanics.

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They added another way to up GS but that also added another activity to manage a cool down timer on. So yes, it is the games mechanics not being the best.


Many people including myself want this. I think it’s safe to say the majority would support the idea.

It’s just a matter if it’s “on the table”.


Your reply is so out of touch with the topic it’s on another planet.


Anyone against a daily reset time is actually a dent head. Why make anything arbitrarily more complex. Idk this games forums and sub Reddit amazes me.

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I believe they have already said they will be implementing a “daily reset” system as in to reset the timer on a specific time of day (00:01 for example).

And I wholeheartedly agree. I’d even ask for a cumulative limit (3) so that people don’t feel bad if they somehow miss a day’s cooldown. However… Among many issues the game has right now, I don’t think this is a priority.

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Bumping this as well for developers to see. Please, reset all the cooldowns e.g. 3 AM or whichever time so we don’t screw ourselves over by accidentally playing longer in the night. It’s very frustrating when I have a bit more time over the weekend to play, only to realize that the next day I have to wait till very late to do my refining cooldowns, etc.


You don’t have to do everything every single day. Besides you can hang onto the gypsum stuff…its only making the orb that has a CD. This complaint honestly confuses me.

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Its not only Gypsum, its elite chests, dungeons crafting CDs (if they are on a 24h cooldown)… everything.

Like you run chests friday evening and on saturday you play morning/day but is going away in the evening… Then you wont be able to do what you want in game on saturday even if you can play all day…

Thank you Willard,
sometimes my 2 braincells stop fighting each others and cooperate instead :smiley:

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