Please let us manage inventory while autorunning

Hello AGS,

As title says, would really like to be able to manage my inventory while autorunning to make good use of the time.

A common example for me is in-between corrupted zones or after farming a lot and running to a new location I’d like to be able to clear out unwanted items in order to reduce encumbrance. Another reason is sometimes I loot something and want to read out what the stats are for either myself or to give to a friend and it would be great to do that while auto-running.

Thank you!


I second this, but only when pvp is off, i can see some people taking advantage of this when they get caught off guard.

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Absolutely agreed

Sure, but not when flagged as “in combat”.

Yes please +1


Yeah this would be a large improvement given how running simulator the game is, people could at least manage inventory in the meantime.

that would be extremely cheesy… especially for healing, in both pvp and pve scenarios.

Yes manage inventory while running would be great. Also have a sort option for locked and non-locked items, light, medium, heavy, ect…

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